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XBROWSER FOR PC, Browser is basically a platform for users to interact with images, text, information, videos, music, and other information that could be on the website. In this world, technology is growing so fast and people want good quality at a low price. A browser is software enables users to search efficiently on the browser rather than searching on websites. Information assigned to browsers from websites so it helps users to save their time because it is way faster than websites. The recent entrant to the browser community is the X browser. X browser made by xReVolt which is known as iTheme and powered by Google and Weebly.


X is the word derived from English which means eXtreme. X browser is a browser that works so fast in minimum time. It uses almost 4.94Mb of your space plus Its current version is 2.5.1 and It works on mobiles having 4.0 or above versions. Furthermore, This application has access to your GPS location. It syncs all your photos/videos and also reads your contents of storage, modifies and deletes all contents of your storage only if you permit. It also helps you to find shortcuts for you and after your approval installs then in your device. X browser works only if you have a reliable internet connection. It works until you stop it, prevent your device from sleeping. It also works in three languages (English Uk, English US, English).

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  • X Browser application is the quickest and fastest browser nowadays. It unblocked all the content via VPN  is user-friendly and unblocked all the content via VPN.
  • X Browser’s new version 6.2.1 contains new themes, new user-interface( user interface means the space in which user interaction with technology ), It also has the characteristics of bugs fixing which enables bugs and virus free searching.
  • It has in-built ad-blocking software and has the capability to block ads.  Blocking ads means removing advertisements. the most popular ad-blocking browser.
  • X browser always able to adjust to your taste and has a variety of personalized configurations options available for you.
  • IT is quite easy to download by using minimal MBs which saves network resources.
  • It requests minimal permissions and provides high privacy options.
  • The best thing about X Browser is that it has no newsfeed, no push notifications, and no daemon which means simple clean interface interactions.


  1. In order to install XBROWSER on your PC. You need a third-party Android Emulator. We will suggest you download BlueStacks, As it’s the best in the market. Download BlueStacks on your PC. Once downloaded, install BlueStacks on your PC. It requires you to add an active Gmail ID in order to use Google Play Services on your Pc.
  2. Now Afte BlueStacks installation on your Windows or Mac. You will require XBROWSER APK as it’s removed from Google Play. Use this link to download XBROWSER APK on your PC. Once downloaded place the APK on your desktop.
  3. You have XBROWSER APK and BlueStacks installed on your PC. Launch BlueStacks and double click on the XBROWSER APK file. Now you don’t have to do anything, let BlueStacks do its magic and XBROWSER will be installed on your PC in no time. After completion, you will receive a notification and after that, you can use XBROWSER on your PC.


No doubt about how faster and quick Xbrowser is plus it has the characteristics of ad-blocking which is the best thing because it saves your pc from any kind of virus and unwanted push notifications. Some people were having a problem with their user profile setting as there is no feature of profile setting but after so many complaints from users, they added another feature which is the user profile. now you can create your own account on XBROWSER.


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