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Today, in a world of technology, there is also a huge variety of different editing videos and photo applications. these editing applications enable us to create unique videos by using a different variety of filters, music, themes, text functions and so on. Here I will tell you how to download Shot clip for PC.


The very first movie maker was introduced in 2000. version 1.1 was introduced in Windows XP a year later. version 2.0 was introduced in 2002 with the number of new features and the updates started to come year by year.

The shot clip was last updated in 2016. This application can be installed on android but here we will aware you with the instructions which guide you to install shot clip for PC

The shot clip is basically a movie making an application that allows you to joint different shot clips together to create a full movie. It is used by bloggers and YouTubers because they need this type of application for their video editing.

the shot clip is best for vloggers. It has a huge library of templates itself for creating a movie. You just need to choose a director template and fill it with different shot clips which results in a movie. This application provides easy to use interface. It is totally free of cost.

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There is number of features in a shot clip given below. you will also see the instructions to download shot clips for pc.


As I said before, there is the number of templates in a Shot clip that you can use to edit their videos by joining them together to create a full-length video.

It helps users to plan out their projects to make videos easily. Furthermore, they can arrange the clips according to their choice.

They can enhance their movies by using director templates. There are a number of different templates in the application such as picnic, party, birthday, wedding, etc.

you can use templates according to nature. Only one template as a theme for full video can be used. you can also choose templates according to your choice.


Shot clip application allows users to create a movie by joining a number of clips together. Instructing users about what clip should be used to create a film with more enhancing features. According to the default application theme or you can choose the template yourself. These arrangements make easy for a user to plan and create.


This application helps users to come together globally. let them share their creativity with each other.

It also provides a platform to join any global movie project which indirectly makes it fun for all the members. It helps people to socialize around the world.


The best feature so far. Shot clip application helps users to add their friends, colleagues, partners or fellows in order to make a joint video project.

Furthermore, they can also collect clips from their friends, colleagues, partners. Make a big project by the process of aggregation. You can also create your project or in a crowd wherever you want.


You can invite your friends to collaborate with you. Make a video from all your friend’s video clips. Directors templates help you to build a movie shot-by-shot. choose a template and collaboratively fill with different video clips to make a lengthy movie.


Although shot clip can download in android phones. If you want to download shot clip for pc, the instructions are down below;


Android emulator is basically a medium that enables us to use android applications on our pc. you have to download the emulator name bluestacks fro here. you can also download it from its official website.


After the completion of the downloading process, you can install the emulator by tapping on the downloaded file. Once installed, BLUESTACKs will open themselves and navigate you to the google play store now you are required to enter your G-mail id to log in to bluestacks.

You also need to download the shot clip APK from here The APK will install itself and enable you to use Shot clip for PC.


Overall ShotClip is very useful these days and appreciated by creative and enthusiastic content creators or filmmakers. The application breaks all hurdles and obstacles and makes movie-making easy for all. Other than that the app is free of cost with diverse options to enhance your films. The ShotClip Web allows its users to edit their movies easily on a bigger screen.




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