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PUBG For PC, Windows 10 And Mac Download


PubG  for PC is the most played game of 2019. This game also wins ‘The most online played game’ of 2019. Pub G is the last man or team standing game in which a hundred people join and gather all the combat accessories for survival, till the end of the game. In the end, chicken dinner is considered a Victory Sign.


Games are essential for the human brain. Pub G is not a violent game only if we critically analyze this game. This is some kind of platform where the user releases their real-world stress in the virtual world. Game is good for  spending free time, the way of thinking might differ from user to user but this game gives relaxation in many ways. This game also helps to enhance your social links from all around the globe. Players who join from all around the world have different cultural languages etc. By playing with them and you get exposure.


A survey found that fighting games produce violence and extremism. This is right because the excess of anything is harmful and have many side effects. Continuously looking on-screen while playing this game may affect your eyesight. And playing more than 3 or 5 matches on pub g  is also wastage of time, your study may effect, your relations may effect, Last year in Russia a man divorced his wife just because she stopped him from playing Pub g, So this is how addiction of any game is harmful.

How to Download on PC:

As we know Pub G is the most popular phone game, So the Tencent buddy makes an emulator for PC users to play this game with all the features the same as in mobile.

First, you need to go on Tencent link from Your browser > Click on the download button, after the completion of the download, the emulator shows multiple mobile games to play on PC. Click on Pub G > Click on check for updates > Let the emulator restart it by self, after completion of all this procedure the Play button is shown on your GameLoop. Play the game and enjoy.

How to increase your RP:

In this game you are awarded “RP” as your reputation, the more RP you have more good player you are. To increase the RP you have a list of missions to complete before its expiry if you are successful in that your RP increased automatically. Helping your partner by reviving them and driving vehicles on targeted distance, a number of kills in different modes of matches also increases your RP. So these techniques help you to become a pro player of this game.

Strategies of playing in Teams:

Whenever landed from plane choose the longest traveled place where fewer players may land and collect all the ammo to equip yourself from upgraded weapons and protections. Whenever enemy attacks on you spread immediately to confuse the enemy, you may kill the opponent squad more effectively within a response time. Never be on the same location while firing because your enemy knows your location when you fired, so they can easily eliminate you. Never become part of fighting opponent teams just hold and wait for an appropriate time and eliminate the remaining team left after the fight. Use these techniques to survive in the game.


              Everything in this world is good within its limit, Excess of everything is harmful just like medicine if you are sick it may recover you but if you take extra dose this may cause harmful effects. So play games like Pub g as an indoor game but also play outdoor games because if virtual games are good for mental health, outdoor games are also good for physical health. Manage your time for playing different adventurous games its good for your IQ 😉 .

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