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Ludo Star for PC [ Windows & Mac ] Free Download


Ludo Star for PC: reed the instructions below to download Ludo Star for PC Windows & Mac. but before that let me give you a brief introduction to the Ludo Star game.

Ludo Star for PC


If you are a game lover or searching for a gamer and tend to use your smartphone often in social gatherings, you’ve come to the right place means that there is a game trending these days easily downloadable in android or iOS. All of us have grown playing board games ludo was one of the famous board games among them those days you won’t find a single kid of 90’s who has no knowledge regarding ludo. In today’s era, board games have gone redundant and people these days play games just to get entertained. you can play online or offline too if you have no internet can either play with strangers online or with your friends.

Ludo star has already achieved popularity worldwide with different names. Ludo star was being played on board in ancient times. It is actually originated in India in the 6th century and played by Mughals. Pachisi is another name of ludo used by Mughal emperors while playing, they used to play pachisi by using their harem girls. after that pachisi introduced in England around 9th century. one of the versions used by them successfully patented under the name ludo.

There is a huge list of ludo games that appeared in the android play store or iOS store but the game I’m talking about is ludo star which was published by Gameberry labs. It has got a good user experience with secure chats and a lot. Ludo game consists of four colors red, yellow, blue and green. four groups of friends can play this game as well as two and three groups of friends can also play ludo by assigning each color to each player and each color has 4 tokens of similar color. The boundary of this game is normally square with each arm of the cross having three columns of the square, six per column. colored triangle composed of player’s home.

Rules To Follow:

  • As we talked before, two, three and four persons can play this game without partnership. At the beginning of the game, players need to bring out their four tokens by rolling the dice. The game can start by bringing out the token which is only possible if the player got six on the dice he rolled. if a player got the number other than six, the turn passes to the next player.
  • Once a player has one or more tokens in play, he can select them and moves forward along the track The players will enter their tokens one per time on their respective starting points and proceed to move them clockwise along the track around the board. the path on which the player’s token move does not form a part of the player’s home, after completing one round per token player is allowed to move his token inside the finish column.
  • The role of a dice controls the token’s movement. when during the movement of tokens along the path a six is rolled, player may choose to move the existing token already in the game or he may enter another token into the game. The player earns an additional bonus by rolling six in that turn. if the bonus results in six again, The player earns an additional bonus again but if got six in his next roll the player will not move at all and the turn passes to the next player immediately.
  • Player may not end their moves on the square they stand already and they have to move forward according to the numbers they got by rolling the dice and if the token’s movement ends on a square occupied by another player’s token, the token already stood on that square is returned to it owner’s yard or home. the returned token can be re-entered into the game by rolling six. there is also a safe square that protects a player’s tokens from being returned to the home.
  • A player home column is the safest place where no other opponent can enter. furthermore, a player can change his previous movements if the dice rolling is not completed yet. for example, if a player had 6 and 2, he rolled to six without completing his 2, in this case, he can change because he has not completed his full roll yet. but the player must call the numbers rolled. a player can not capture finish if they have numbers remaining.


There are like hundreds and thousand features of ludo star, some are mentioned below:

  • Online/private multiplayer mode

ludo was the board game before and people used to play this game on board along with their friends and family (siblings). but the latest version of ludo called ludo star allows users to play online with strangers that can be found automatically by the application. when you open the game application, the word “play” appears on your home, you select the play button and after selecting, the application automatically starts searching a partner for you to play.

but if you have internet access its not a problem at all just go for the option “play offline” and you can just enjoy your boring time along with your partners or families.

  • Challenges with enjoyment

initially, it seems so simple but after day by day when you reach the higher level, it becomes challenging as the difficulty also increases with an increase in levels.

  • Simple rules

the rules are quite simple and can b followed by anyone. as I explained above there is the option of two, three and four-player and each player has four tokens. each player’s side is colored. the total number of colors is red, yellow, green, blue. you rolled the dice and forward according to the numbers you got from rolling the dice. after completing one round along the board per token, you are eligible to enter into your safe home. a player qualifying all of his tokens first is gonna be the winner.

  • Easy to play

The procedure for playing ludo star is very easy. it’s totally like a board ludo and the rules are also very simple but the benefit we got while playing ludo star is that they offer us some incentives according to our performance and level we will discuss below them later.

  • Gems

Gems are the incentives assigned to you by the application automatically with every update to a new level. if in case, you rolled the dice and you don’t like the resulting outcome you may apply for rerolling the dice by paying ludo star from your gems account. you can use a gem to retry a turn means you can have another try at the dice if you don’t like the numbers.

  • Coins

500 coins are already in your ludo star account when you installed the app initially. you play ludo star by using your coins. there are games of multiple levels according to the coins. you play for 500 coins initially and if you win you will get 500 more from the coins of the rival player. if you play on a daily basis, you will earn coins in thousand in a week than you can play a game of higher levels. The more you invest the more you earn if you win of course.

  • Functions

when you open the ludo star application, it appears five sections explained below:

  • 2 players

when you want to play with any stranger rather than your knowns, you will tap on this option so the application will automatically find you a partner to play.

  • 4 players

same as 2 player options. under the four-player option, the ludo star application automatically finds you three more partners. this is other than team-up.

  • Team-up

everybody is already aware of the difference between four-player and team-up. team-up allows you to make a team with your opposite opponent but in this option, you have to make a team with your known. for making up a team there is a link as well as code, which helps your other opponent to enter into the game as your partner who did not create the table thus, the other two players will b found automatically by the application.

  • The private table

under this option, you are eligible to play with any person you want to. join table link and code is also given by application you just to send either link or code through Whatsapp facebook or another connection source. by tapping on the link they will enter automatically into the game only if they have already installed ludo star app same version as you furthermore if they want to join the table by using code they have to open the application and after that go for the “private table” option and tap on join table. by putting the shared code they will automatically be entered into the game.

  • Play offline

last but not least option of ludo star is which you can play the ludo star game even if you don’t have the internet source. two-three and four-player options are also available under this option but you are not allowed to use your gems and coins too because you are playing offline hence no online function will b available to you.

  • Chatting

it also enables you to chat with your friends as any other chatting application does. if you are playing with strangers you can talk to them while playing you can also share particular emojis further it also has an option of muting chat like if someone is bothering you saying bluntly or for any reason, you don’t want to chat or don’t want to receive messages from the opposite opponent you can just mute them and you will no longer receive messages from them.

  • Add friend

if you are playing with a stranger. you guys chat and really want to play again so the option “play again” is not given by the ludo star application so in case you want to play again you have an option to send them a friend request on ludo star applications which enables you to play with them anytime in a private table or team-up too.

  • Connect with your official account

when you installed the application of ludo star it shows three options following;

  • Connect with Facebook

you may create your ludo star application account without even entering a single thing further

  • Connect with google account

same as Facebook no need to enter any information to create your account just connect it with google it will sync all your information

  • As a guest

if you don’t want to share your real identity to the public or with ludo star authorities you just tap on the option of play as a guest you may need to enter your username and a picture.

  • Master mode

in this mode, rules are harder than medium and simple as this is the professional level. in order to get your token out from the home to play you need to get six which is simple plus it is compulsory to hit your rival at least once to go inside your safe home.

  • Classic mode

in this game, rules are the same as ancient board games. each opponent has to score six to enter into the game however this mode enables you to enter into your safe house without hitting a rival token. all of your tokens are required to enter into your safe house in order to win the game.

  • Quick mode

this mode is best for those who want to play in a short time. the first person to score a single token wins the game.

Ludo Star for PC [ Windows & Mac ] Free Download:


In order to install Ludo Star on your Windows 10 or Mac. You will be needing a third-party Android Emulator. We will suggest you should download BlueStacks. As it’s the best in the market. Download BlueStacks on your Windows 10 or Mac. Once downloaded, install BlueStacks on your PC. You will be asked to add an active Gmail ID in order to use Google Play Services on your Pc.


Now that you have installed BlueStacks on your Windows or Mac. You will require the Ludo Star game APK as it’s removed from Google Play. Use this link to download Ludo Star APK on your PC. Once downloaded place the APK on your desktop.


You have Ludo Star APK and BlueStacks installed on your PC. Launch BlueStacks and double click on the Ludo Star APK file. Now you don’t have to do anything, let BlueStacks do its magic and Ludo Star will be installed on your PC in no time. Once the installation process is completed, you will be notified and after that you can start playing Ludo Star on your PC.


ludo star is an application that can be played by anyone from any age. people normally love to play ludo. you meet new people around the world. furthermore, while studying if students want to take a break they can play ludo as it causes relaxation. there are so many functions of the ludo star application which seem to put a positive impact on our society but on the other hand.

The effects of this application on our society are not acceptable like everyone is busy playing ludo online which uses your time extraordinary as you play a game after one another it is like an addiction and you just can’t stop yourself from playing this game which effects you in different ways. our youth become so attached to the game that if they don’t win they went into depression which indirectly affects your health, causes mental illness. extraordinary of everything causes a negative impact.

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