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USA VPN is the best for unblocking and viewing all the sites in the US. In order to unlock any US season, website or browser USA VPN is the only best choice available in the market. USA VPN for PC, Windows, Mac, and Android is easy to use and simple application. Once installed on PC it provides a secured proxy connection. A VPN provides you with a one on one connection through the use of secured circuits over existing networks. In order to unlock the foreign sites, all you would need is the USA VPN. The app provides you with free experience at your work.

USA VPN for Mac

Overview of USA VPN for PC

Do you want to unlock specific sites, interrupting your work process? USA VPN is just the right application for you then. Now you don’t have to purchase proxies or limit your work. Just simply download this application on your laptop and enjoy the free and unlimited secure connection.

In this article

This article is specially constructed for you. In order to download USA VPN on your desktop, you need to follow the article below. Know about all the features of the app. Furthermore, a detailed guideline on the installation method will be given.

Notable features of USA VPN for PC

Cost Friendly-

This application allows you to enjoy maximum sites entirely free of cost. You just have to download the tool and start using it.

World wide PC connections-

USA VPN for Windows uses its own servers. You can have a worldwide free site proxy connection. It does not limit you to a region or country, rather gives you global working experience.

Hides your Id on PC-

USA VPN protects you from online threats. Basically, the VPN application helps you stay with an anonymous ID on the internet. Proxy servers provide you with an incorrect IP address to hide online identity.

Unlimited usage-

Now you don’t have to worry about the proxy expiration date. This app gives you a lifetime free proxy connection. All you need to do is download USA VPN on PC, make an account, and start using it.

Multiple working on a single Window-

Once you download and install the application, you just need an active network. No matter if you have wifi, 3g, 4g, 5g, or LTE, the application supports all.

Guaranteed anonymity-

If you are sitting in Italy, and want an anonymous IP link of the USA, This VPN will do the job. You can have a guaranteed anonymous identity as per the demand and requirement.

Simple interface through PCs-

usa vpn

It gives you the authority to choose the users for your proxy sites. You just have to add the users. SImultaneously you will be provided with a convenient and simple interface.

High throughput-

In order to have a high throughput, all you need is a fast and active internet connection. The connection depends entirely on the internet connection you have.

How to download USA VPN for Windows and PC

You can download USA VPN on PC through an active emulator. Bluestacks will do the job for you.

Downloading Bluestacks for windows-

USA VPN for Mac

  • Bluestacks can be downloaded from the website “”.
  • Firstly, visit the website and click on the green “download” button.
  • Once downloaded open the file appearing on the bottom.
  • Secondly, “allow” to make changes in the computer.
  • Once allowed, “agree” to the license.
  • Thirdly, click on the “install” button.
  • Finally, you can have the completed installation in 6-8 minutes.


  • Make sure you have free space on your operating device. Such as Bluestacks is a heavy emulator.
  • You must have an active internet connection.
  • Disable all the antivirus software.

Setting up play store on PC-


  • Open the Bluestacks icon appearing on the desktop screen.
  • Subsequently, click on the play store icon and log in with an existing Gmail account.
  • Once logged in, you are good to go.

Downloading the VPN for Windows-

  • Search for USA VPN in the “search bar” of the play store.
  • Subsequently, click on the “install” button appearing on the right corner.
  • Finally, you can have the application within 4-5 minutes.

Downloading USA VPN for Mac and Windows through NOX-


  • The emulator bluestacks is a pretty heavy emulator and consumes most of the PC’s internal storage.
  • In order to save space, an alternate emulator is used that is “NOX”.
  •  NOX is a comparatively lightweight emulator.
  • It can be downloaded from the website “”.
  • Furthermore, the installation and launching procedure is similar to bluestacks.

Downloading the VPN for windows through apk file-


  • In case you are unable to download this VPN through the play store, another method is to install it through the apk file.
  • For this, you need to download the VPN from the website “apk pure”.
  • After downloading, simply open the bluestacks and click on the “install apk” from the top left corner.
  • Drag and Drop the previously downloaded apk file and it will be installed on your PC automatically.

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