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Install CamON Live Streaming for Mac and Windows 7,8,10


CamON Live Streaming is an outclass security application. It is an online surveillance monitor. It helps you in keeping a check of your property all the time. CamON Live Streaming is an application that is used to convert your device into a surveillance camera. The application is basically a personal security device for your office, home, or construction site. Download CamON Live Streaming for PC, Mac, and Windows 7,8,10 and it will work as a surveillance tool and record all the footage of the area for you. By simply connecting your device to a charger and leaving it the application open, you can get all the recordings of the day.

CamON Live Streaming for Mac

Add on Pros of CamON Live Streaming

  1. Free of cost.
  2. Works as a surveillance tool.
  3. It does not require an extra camera for recording.
  4. Senses movement detection.
  5. Records video in WebM, MOV, and MPEG4.
  6. Upgraded audio transmission.
  7. Runs over VLC player.
  8. Available in the English language.

Why this article

In case you want to keep a look at your family and office at the same time, download CamON Live Streaming for PC, Windows 7,8,10, and Mac on your desktops and leave them activated. Sometimes you also want to check who enters your office after you leave, here’s a way to that. This article will teach you how to download Install CamON Live Streaming for PC, Windows 7,8,10, and Mac on your PCs and run them. Furthermore, you will also get to know about all the important features of this application. Follow the article below.

Important features of CamON Live Streaming

Zero Costing:

If you are below and want to keep a check on your chocolate, download the application free of cost and save the chocolates. This application allows you to use all of its features entirely free of cost.

High definition video quality:

No matter what device you have, the application will provide HD video quality. Moreover, you can run the video on a VLC player.

Auto movement detection:

In addition, the application detects movements for you and sends you a notification on your device. If you are out and someone enters the camera’s view, you can simply get to know about it through the auto notification.

CamON Live Streaming for Mac

Other features of CamON Live Streaming Pro

  • Includes baby monitoring and pet monitoring.
  • Allows day and night modes.
  • It has a two-way audio system.
  • Allows video upload to dropbox.
  • Moreover, it has smooth and glitch-free video streaming.
  • Furthermore, includes video chat support.
  • Cloud push notification.

Required permissions

  1. Demands access to contacts.
  2. Also, access to the location.
  3. Finally demands media access.

Latest version

The latest available pro version is

How to download CamON Live Streaming for PC

You can download CamON Live Streaming for PC through a platform that acts as an active emulator. Luckily, Bluestacks will work as a free emulator.

Downloading Bluestacks for PC-


  1. Firstly open your search browser engine.
  2. Subsequently, search for bluestacks.
  3. Go to
  4. You will see a green button on the screen.
  5. Press the green button.
  6. Wait for it. Bluestacks will download in 11-13 min.

Things to keep in mind before downloading the app for Windows:

  1. Firstly, free some space on your device first.
  2. Bluestacks is a super heavy emulator.
  3. Secondly, have an active internet connection nearby.
  4. Thirdly disable all the antivirus software or other heavy software.

Setting up play store on PC-


  1. Open the downloaded Bluestacks icon.
  2. Subsequently, click on the play store inside the application.
  3. Following up, sign in with your Google account.
  4. Finally, you will be logged into the launchpad.

Downloading the app for Mac-

  1. In addition, search for the app in the play store.
  2. The similar way you search in the android.
  3. Following, press the “install” icon appearing.
  4. Finally, the application will be on your PC within 4-5 min.

Downloading CamON Live Streaming for Windows through apk file-


  • You can also download the app through the apk file.
  • Initially open your search engine.
  • Search for “download CamON Live Streaming apk”.
  • Subsequently, you will be on the official page shortly.
  • Following up, click on the download file on the page.
  • Finally, bring the file to your bluestacks.
  • Bluestacks will automatically pick the file and download the application for you.

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