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Install Call Of Duty Mobile for Windows, PC and ios


Call of Duty Mobile for PC is the latest game launched globally by Activision studios in collaboration with Tencent Games, the company that launched the popular mobile battle royale game PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Grounds). The game is quite similar to its prequels and nostalgic in the sense that it features a lot of old maps played by veterans and features the same guns as well. The game is the first to be released on android and ios platforms and mobile players from around the world love it. The gameplay is quite exhilarating and the overall User interface is pretty solid as well. The mobile community is quite satisfied because people have been waiting for a Call of Duty version  available on mobile for a long time and now they got what they wanted.

Gameplay and Features

The game design is very smart and precise and Activision Studios alongside the assistance of Tencent games has incorporated hundreds of features into a single package. The game is completely free to install and for a mobile user, the process of downloading the game is relatively simple. Just install the game on the Google play store or from the apple store. The game occupies a total memory of 2 GB but it may vary depending on the performance of your device. Once the game has been installed run the application to finish downloading the app data. The game will only require your Gmail or Facebook account or you can login as a guest. It might seem a bit complex to use the first time but there is an in built tutorial that will show you all the proper procedures to be followed.

There are lots of  different game modes and battle royale maps, also weekly events give you the opportunity to play on limited maps alongside unlocking different rewards that you can use as cosmetics. There are many game modes like sniper only, battle royale, team deathmatch and 50v50 etc. that you can play in the game, Activision has announced that they will release even more game modes into the current game.The game also offers a battle pass in which you can unlock many rewards and items by leveling up tiers. The games features and constituents are so diverse that it almost seems impossible to fit in everything in a single app. Everything you can imagine, any gamemode, weapon or attachment they’ve got it in the game. You cant help but think that Activision’s game developers really outdid themselves this time.

How to Install COD Mobile On Your PC (Windows or Mac)

Even if you don’t have an android or apple smartphone there is nothing to worry about because you can get it on your computer using any app emulator for instance Bluestacks or Nox. App emulators allow you to download and install any android apps on your computer by changing the format of the game’s file to match with your computers OS.

Installing Bluestacks on PC

You will require a minimum OS of Windows 8.1 to get Call of Duty Mobile on pc. To install bluestacks on your windows 10 computer just click the link given below :

Once you enter the website, just press download and the package installer will start automatically downloading. Run the app emulator on windows and confirm installation.

BlueStacks Guide

If you haven’t used any app emulator before then you can read the guide for easy access. The app design is very similar to google play store so it should be simple to use

  • Begin by opening the application by clicking on the shortcut.
  • Once the app has loaded the data, you will need to enter in your gmail account details if its your first time.
  • You can start by searching for Call of Duty Mobile in the Applications Tab
  • Just click on the ‘install button’ and once the game has downloaded you can begin playing.
  • You can also directly start the game without opening bluestacks by adding COD mobile to your desktop as a shortcut

Benefits for Playing on PC

You might be inclined to ask ‘what benefit is there to playing the game on PC’? the non-comprehensive answer would be the gameplay is a lot better. Playing Call of Duty Mobile on PC enhances many features of the game such as ping, aim precision and accuracy, movement and controls. The keyboard provides the player with more accessibility as well as more functions. The RAM and i core allow faster processing speed as well as zero delay. You will surely feel the difference when you experience it yourself.

Call of duty for PC

Bugs and Errors

Although the game has a huge amount of hard work and effort behind it the game developers have overlooked tiny mistakes in the game files. Lots of mobile players have reported bugs and errors while playing the game such as disabled controls, invisible players, game crashes which is a little frustrating when you’re in those last five survivors or whilst getting a kill streak in team deathmatch. But with a game that has hundreds of features and over 2 GB of memory, there are errors to be expected and Activision alongside Tencent games is doing their best to remove bugs, fixing them in every patch update. Overall the game is pretty appealing and a viable alternative to playing COD on other platforms.


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