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How to install Vidtrim for PC and Windows


VidTrim is a very easy and portable application with low space and can trim your videos for you. Simply download Vidtrim for PC, Android, Mac, and Windows 7,8,10 as it is a free video editing application. The application allows you to edit videos and trim them shot by shot or you can also add in more videos from the gallery. Make videos in the crowd and share it in the public group project to see your rating. VidTrim lets you play with multiple functions and angle management techniques to let you stand out in the crowd.

Vidtrim for PC

Details about VidTrim for PC

In case you want to attach small clips with each other to make a large video or suppose you are going to a party or a social gathering with your friends. Open the application and start making videos from different angles. Later on, join a global social group and share your clips in it. This is the time when you will get to know your video’s rankings. Moreover, you can also enhance your video making skills through this application. Also, the app provides you with professional templates to manage your videos.

About this article

Although having VidTrim on your mobile phones is enough but to edit the clips you would need a bigger screen. In order to download VidTrim on your PCs, follow the article below. Subsequently, you will also get to know about the multiple features of this application.

Highlighted features of VidTrim for Mac

Free of cost:

No need to pay for editing your videos anymore. Now you can have professional-looking video clips with this application for free. The app allows you to use all of its functions for a lifetime free subscription.

More than 2 templates:

If you are going to a friend’s birthday party or a formal gathering, you can choose the appropriate template. VidTrim has over 50 templates suitable for all of your occasions.

Clip by clip videos:

Furthermore, you can play freely through the editing section. Make around 15 videos in the same gathering and later on edit them shot by shot. Use the trimming option and cut wherever you want.

Free voice overs:

In contrast to trimming, you can also change the voice of the video. For example, you want to make a funny video. Just record the video and separately record your voice. Merge it later on with the original video.

Help to the media students:

If you are a media student, VidTrim is just the right app for you. Simply download the application and start making your digital assignments and newsletters. Additionally, this video trimming app will also sort all of your documentary making hassle.

App’s latest version

  • The available version is 1.5.10

Download VidTrim for Windows and Mac

Bluestacks installation:

You need a launching pad first of all because VidTrim is an android application. Open your browser and search for bluestacks. Visit the official page and download the launching pad from there.


Setting up Bluestacks:

Click on the downloaded file to install it. A blue-green page will pop up. Allow the page to proceed. Subsequently, click on the install button on the next page. The loading will start. After 8-10 minutes an icon will appear on your screens.

Vidtrim for PC

Method for enabling play store:


Furthermore, open the software and click on the “play store” icon. Sign up using your account. Finally, after signing in, the play store will open similar to the android version.

Downloading Vidtrim for Windows and PC

Vidtrim for PC

Open the play store. Subsequently, search for VidTrim in the “search bar”. Succeeding, the installation page for VidTrim will appear. Click on the “install” and wait for it. After a few minutes, an icon for VidTrim will appear on the desktop screen, as well as, in the bluestacks.

Downloading VidTrim for PC through NOX


NOX is also an emulator and much lighter than the previous one. Firstly, install it from its official website “”. Furthermore, the steps for installation are the same.

Downloading VidTrim for Mac through apk file

In case you are unable to download the app through the play store, another method is to install it through the apk file. For this, you need to download the app from the website “apk pure”. After downloading the application, simply open the bluestacks and click on the “install apk” from the top left corner. Drag and Drop the app’s downloaded apk file and it will be installed on your PC automatically.

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