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IPC 360 for PC, Mac, Android, and Windows is monitoring and security monitoring applications. Now you can look after your property and loved ones while you are out. This app is designed and launched free especially for the security of the home. It delivers your camera’s video and audio to your phone, tablet, or PC in real-time via a globally deployed cloud server.

IPC 360


If you are a busy and outgoing person but want to keep a check at your home, then IPC 360 is just the right application. Simply connect the cameras to your gadgets and computer and watch the live footage at any time anywhere. Now you don’t have to worry about your personal belongings or your children.

In this article

In order to have a better and clear view of the live footage, you can also download the application on your PC and desktop. This article will provide with all the major features of IPC 360. Furthermore a detailed guide on how you can download it on your PCs.

Why download IPC 360 for PC


Privacy protection-

IPC 360 will provide you with an encrypted video set up between your windows and your security cameras. It provides you with a complete security system and 0% data leakage.


128 Gb storage-

Another feature consists of amazing storage capacity. Don’t worry about the shortage of space anymore and enjoy up to 128 Gb large files.

Supports night vision-

When it comes to home security the only thing you demand is night vision. With this application, you can experience HD night vision footages without any distortion.

Extended power cable-

Subsequent to the night vision, you can also freely cater to the wiring system. IPC 360 provides you with a 3-meter extended power cable.


3D navigation view-

Furthermore, you can also have a 3d view of the cameras installed. 1 camera will give you 3 angled footage. By this, if you install only 2 cameras at the house, you can have a 6-dimensional view.

Optional cloud storage-

Moreover, via IPC 360 you can have a cloud gallery as well. Through this feature, simply save all the footage online in your drive.

HD resolution-

IPC 360 lets you enjoy a high definition up to 1080p video recording. Have a 3D look. Moreover, you can zoom in to micro-levels.

Motion detection-

IPC 360 is a motion detector. No need to stick to your PCs for the whole day, the motion detector will sense the movement and inform you. This feature will also help you catch any inappropriate happenings at the house.

IPC 360 camera setting-

This feature allows you to set the functions as per the demands. all you have to do is connect the cameras with the application and start using it. The application will automatically sync with the cameras for you.


Playback option- 

Through 360 eyes, you can simply record all the footage, and see them later.

User interface-

IPC 360 come with a friendly user face. Choose and select the users by giving them the password. Once selected multiple people can use it.

Screenshot capture-

Capture screenshots of the video through IPC 360. This tool lets you point out of the record moments easily and any suspicious person can be captured by you.

How to download IPC 360 on PC

To download any android application on Mac, you need to download “Bluestacks”. Bluestacks is a software that actively provides a platform to download android applications on a desktop.

Downloading Bluestacks-


You can download Bluestacks from “”. Once downloaded you can simply install it by the “install” option. An icon of bluestacks will appear on the desktop. Launch it and sign up to the play store with your Gmail account.

Installing IPC 360-


Next, search for IPC 360 for PC in the search bar. Click on the appearing “install” icon. Then, accept the license agreement by following on-screen information. The application will be installed within a few minutes and an icon will appear on the desktop.

Downloading IPC 360 for Mac through NOX-


The above-mentioned emulator is a heavy one and grabs most of the PC’s internal storage. To overcome this, you can use “NOX” as an alternate emulator. NOX is a comparatively lightweight emulator. It can be downloaded from the website “”. Furthermore, the launching steps are similar to bluestacks.

Downloading IPC 360 for Windows through APK file-


You can download the APK file from “apkpure”. Once downloaded, open the bluestacks and search for “install apk”. It will be appearing on the screen. Find your apk file and move it to Bluestacks. The application will then be downloaded shortly. After the download finishes, open the application and set it up.

Setting up IPC 360 for PC-


  • If you want the app to work properly for PC, make sure the distance is not more than 10m.
  • Also, download the “speed test” to check the download speed od the internet.
  • For pairing, the device should be as close to the camera as possible.
  • In the case of two networks at home, always use route one to configure the camera.

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