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True Messenger for PC is appropriate for anyone who is having problems with receiving Sms from unwanted persons or companies who promote the products that do not matter. Working as a filter, It replaces the standard program and becomes the single channel. Truemessenger for pc.

True messenger is the application launched by True caller on 7 July 2015 exclusively in India. True caller is a smartphone application enables us to identify the person behind the call. It also offers call recording, call blocking, chat and voice calls which is possible only if you have a reliable internet connection.

Software Scandinavia AB developed a true caller application and true messenger application which is a private company held in Sweden.  True messenger is an application that allows you to block all unethical messages from unknown senders or that promote SPAM. Make it possible for you to Get rid of all unwanted content and ensures a cleaner Inbox.

you need to register your mobile number so that you can use the number. After registering yourself, application sync all your mobile contact lists so whenever you receive a message, the application identifies the contacts from your list. You can also see their pictures weather they are from your contact list or from an unknown source.

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true messenger for PC


  1. NO MORE SPAM MESSAGES: True messenger allows users to block numbers, names more than one or directly a list of numbers by selecting them at once. It is the easiest and simple way to avoid being disturbed. You can also block messages from unwanted numbers and also promotion messages from brands and companies. They also assign blue color to inbox and red color to spam messages.
  2. CATEGORIZE OF LOCKS: You can mark contacts spam by touching up and marking them as spam or you can automatically use tools to prevent irrelevant content come to you.
  3. IDENTIFIES SENDER DETAILS: This application is basically created to identify the identity of the sender from an unknown source.
  4. SEPERATE FOLDERS: It also maintains separate folders for spam messages and regular messages to reduce confusion and disturbance.

How to download true messenger on PC

  1. At first, we need to download emulators because they are the basic mediums. For example Bluestacks,
  2. Install bluestacks on your pc by searching bluestacks on chrome on google,
  3. Open bluestacks app on your pc,
  4. You need an active Gmail account to log in because this is necessary to activate google playstore on bluestacks,
  5. Now come back to the home screen of bluestacks and search true messenger,
  6. Install the true messenger as soon as you find it.
  7. how to download truemessenger for pc
  8.   bluestacks

Truemessenger for PC Conclusions

True messenger rarely won’t work every time, but it will work fairly accurately most of the time as compared to the true caller which is from the world’s top 10 list. this application is also called security application because it prevents unknown resources which reduces the risk of hacking, viruses and other harmful things.

Apart from this smart filtering, you are able to send messages to the spam contact from the spam folder at any time. Furthermore, You cant filter messages to spam based on keywords. This application doesn’t enable us to reply from notifications. It currently doesn’t support android wears.

This application has access to your contacts and also reading all your messages. If you get a lot of spam messages this application is best for you.


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