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How to download Snapchat for PC, Windows 10 And MAc


Snapchat for PC is the most famous application being used by every individual around the world. It is basically a messaging application that enables users to exchange pictures and videos. Snapchat for pc, Why it is called Snapchat? SNAP means that they will disappear after viewed. It is also used by people to take good pictures with a variety of different filters and emojis. Snapchat is very common for today’s generation but if you are above 30, you can’t figure out how it works. Everyone has a smartphone and internet access, Snapchat is a simple way to share every single moment with your friends. It also allows you to share your moments with the world.


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All you need to do is to install the Snapchat application on your mobile from the application store. After installation, you are required to create an account on Snapchat by adding your name, username, and date of birth. To add friends you just need to upload your contacts and it will automatically show you their snap chats username. QR code is also available in Snapchat, you can add your friends by taking pictures of their QR code.

To start the conversation, you are required to tap on the camera in the middle and take a photo after taking pictures, there is a number of filters you should try them at once to see what they do. Once you customize your picture, Tap on the blue arrow right below your picture it is basically a send button. After tapping on the blue arrow, Snapchat shows you a list of your friends you may select them by tapping on their pictures and send your customized picture.

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  • SNAPSTREAKS: When two user sends snaps to each other back and forth within 24 hours for three days in a row, It creates streak. special emojis are shown after the name of your individual friend which tells you that the streak is created. a number of streaks add to your Snapchat score. the score is basically the number of how many times you open the app. because of the intense attachment kids forms with social media, they have a fear of breaking the streaks.


  • SNAP MAPS: It shows your location on the world map to your friend and if your account is publics it shows your location to the whole world if they search for you. If your friends turn on their location you can also see them on the map. you have an option to turn off the location or use the Snapchat app in ghost mode. the snap map also updates you to the world news and events.


  • SNAPCHAT STORY: The story is basically a collection of moments. Stories are like a little documentary of the event. You cant upload them all on your social media pictures and videos. It appears in your story for 24 hours and then after 24 hours, it disappears. if any of your friends took a screenshot of your story you can also see their name under the screenshot point.


  • SNAP CODE: After you logged in, Snapchat gives you a QR code. when you meet a new fellow and you want them to add you, they can just take a snap or your QR code they’ll automatically add in your friends.


  • DISCOVER: It shows the content created by celebrities, news, and entertainment outlets. It also offers new york news and vice versa.


  1. In order to install Snapchat on your windows, you are required to download blue stacks. Blue stack is a middle party that helps us to download the android applications on our windows. After the completion of downloading, install blue stacks on your windows. you need an active Gmail account to log in.
  2. Now after installing blue stacks, Download the APK link of Snapchat from chrome. Use this link to download Snapchat o your PC. place the downloaded APK on your desktop.
  3. You have Snapchat APKand installed Bluestack on your windows, launch blue stacks and double click on the Snapchat APK file. You will be notified after the process completion.


Streaks are a measure of a kid’s friendship if they don’t keep in that way, they will lead the other person down. Teens even give their Snapchat account to their friends to keep a streak going if they can’t do it themselves. This can lead to a feeling of pressure, anxiety, and compulsion. The biggest risk of the snap map is that kids let all their friends see their locations which may lead to them in danger because not all of their Snapchat friends are their real friends. Snaps are cool but it’s also very public, so kids should think before uploading them. If your kid has signed up with their correct birth date, they’ll miss the alcohol ads and adult content.

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