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How To Download Shareit For PC, Windows 10 And Mac


Shareit for PC is an application used to transfer the data between PDAs(Personal Data Assistants). This application helps to share documents, media or other data between devices. It is much faster than other data-sharing apps. User can share the data between android and iOS devices through this app because iOS device’s Bluetooth does not support/connect with android devices. Another feature of this device can also help to share the data between your PC and mobile phone without using cables or Bluetooth.


Share it uses the Wi-Fi medium to transfer the data which is much faster than the Bluetooth. No data cables are required to connect your phones with PC. Data is transferred on a Wi-Fi medium efficiently and accurately. We use this application because generally if we transfer the file of more than one GB it might take long time but share it transfer on Wi-Fi medium so it’s more efficient in transferring data.

How to Install on PC

  1. First Google share it > choose the top link to download this application > Open the link > Click on Download.
  2. After the download is finished > run the Installation setup.
  3. Click on the icon shown on desktop to start the application.

How to connect PC to phone

  1. Launch the application on the phone.
  2. Launch the application on the PC as well.
  3. Turn the Wi-Fi of both devices on.
  4. Connect them through Wi-Fi with each other.
  5. This Application also allow to connect by scanning QR code shown on screen.

How to send files

            Once the connection is established between devices, start sharing data.

  1. Click on Send button from a particular device from which you want to send the data either its PC or mobile phone.
  2. Click the receive button is shown on the recipient’s device or it may be automatically received.
  3. Choose the data from sending the device and click OK or use the drag & drop feature as well.
  4. Data starts transferring.

How to Connect Android to iOS device

            The main purpose or the theme idea of developing this application was to share the data among iOS and Android devices. Because iPhones only connect with iPhones that’s why many users face problems when they need to share something urgently. Share it application resolve this issue by connecting them with each other using Wi-Fi technology. The procedure to connect android and ios is as follows.

Shareit for PC

  1. Turn on the Wi-Fi of both devices.
  2. Turn on the personal Hotspot of iOS as well because the application creates the network using Personal Hotspot.
  3. The application will start searching for its nearby devices.
  4. Once detected recognize your device and choose it.
  5. Now use the application.

Receive on iOS

  1. Launch the application on both devices.
  2. Click on receive option on iOS device.
  3. Choose files that you want to send from android.
  4. The network will establish the same as described above.
  5. Choose your device from radar shown on other device to share the data.    

Why This App

As technology is moving on day by day many of things around us adopt the change. Data cables are used previously to transfer the data, for transferring of data user need to be equipped with the data cable also otherwise they can’t transfer their data but the growing of technology resolves many daily life issues. Same like years before people must have to carry the charger of their mobile phones with them. But now Wire Less technology resolves many issues. Now you just have an application in your device which replaces the hardware and makes you feel more comfortable. Same as for charging you only need a Bluetooth small device or wireless charger modems which charge your phones faster than cable chargers. So this app is also useful in many ways user can store their MP3 or MP4 media in it, keep their documents save in it. Same like many of the features this application carries like playing media timer, it is used when you play your playlist and gone into sleep  without closing player, this application have timer to stop whatever is playing in your playlist. This help to protect the battery from extra use.

Android Apps on PC advantages

There are many apps on play stores that may found on android play store but not on the windows play store forum. For this emulators are used to allow the users to use the same application on your windows platform downloaded from android play store. Many popular apps are available to run your complete mobile interface on your PCs. Whats app was a mobile application first but now it is used on PCs as well, same like pub g was a mobile game but Tencent buddy emulator makes it possible to play on  PCs.

Cons of Share it

As we discussed this application is so useful but sometimes bugs and glitches may occur and affect the files seriously. As it uses the Wi-Fi medium so sometimes frequency may miss match and the file may be encrypted. It is reported that sometimes while sending pictures from PC to phone not load completely in the recipient’s phone. The updates in the future might resolve this issue.

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