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How to Download Nextplus App for PC Free


Nextplus is an android based application that works as a phone company and provides you with all phone services on your device. It also provides you with a free phone number and allows you to make unlimited free calls and messages. So contact anyone without paying anything and always connect with your loved ones.

Nextplus is a very useful app because it has excellent social features and uses. With its free phone number, you will make free unlimited in-going and out-going calls on any contact number. It also allows you to send and receive unlimited text messages from any contact number. Nextplus has no hidden charges because it provides you with everything free on this platform.

NextPlus is available with unlimited fun like it allows you to send emojis, animated GIFs, and voice notes on any number. It works on multiple devices and provides you best security without any interruption. With NextPlus you can make your conversations safe and secure. Nobody can watch or hack your private activities on Nextplus. Also, you will do group messaging and keep an eye on your friends 24 hours and 7 days a week. Because you will check which friend is online and which one is offline.

Important NOTE: Nextplus application is not supported emergency calls.

The best thing about the Nextplus app:

This app also offers you NextPlus Go. With this option, you will make calls and text without any internet connection. Because Nextplus go offers you low-cost mobile plans. So with these cheap plans, you are able to make unlimited calls and messages anytime at any place without any internet connection. Furthermore, Nextplus Go provides you a free 4G LTE SIM card.Nextplus App for PC

Additional social Features of Nextplus

  • Text messages are delivered directly via push notifications.
  • Send emojis, stickers, animated GIFs, and voice notes without any cost.
  • It works with multiple devices and keeps your conversations in sync.
  • You will personalize your avatar with any of your pictures or animated GIFs.
  • It supports group blast messaging.
  • Get to know all the time which of your friends are online.
  • With Nextplus app get a free phone number.
  • It will operate with all types of Android devices.
  • You don’t require any cellular service for this application.

Furthermore, If you do not want to see the ads. Then you can pay for the premium version. Nextplus offers low-cost subscription plans that remove ads. But if you move on to the premium version then it is no more available free. In addition to meeting new people through the “Lucky Call” in which a number is dialed casually and you will start a conversation.

How to use the Nextplus app on PC?

If you want to download and install the Nextplus app on your PC and need to explore its features on a large screen and get a better experience. Then you need to download Bluestacks first on your pc. Because it is the best emulator to install apps on a PC.Nextplus App for PC

Download and Install Nextplus for PC with Bluestacks

To download Nextplus for PC. Download Bluestacks from this above mention link Firstly click on this link after that press the “Download Bluestacks” button and find the .exe file on your browser download and install it into your PC.

Now open Bluestacks and it shows you Google Play Store on his home page. Now press the “login” button and enter your email or password for a successful login. If you don’t have a google account then create a new one.

Once login successfully searches the Nextplus application and opens it on Google play store. Now press the “Install Now” button and accept the license agreement to begin the installation.

When Nextplus installs successfully on your PC. Then you see an app icon on Bluestacks home page. Just click on this icon and your Nextplus app is ready to perform on your PC.

Quick Overview:

Nextplus is basically designed for android devices. It works like a phone company and gives you all the phone services on your device. Also, it provides you with a free phone number. So it lets you make free unlimited calling and texting. Moreover, you will contact anyone without paying anything. You just need an internet connection to use its features.

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