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How to Download iCSee for PC Free


iCSee for PC is a perfect application to monitor all types of properties, it allows you to visually monitor camera feeds or it works with front-end devices such as robot、dog, doorlock or many others. iCSee has access to the device with cloud ID, you will preview and control the live video in your device. Recordings of cameras will be saved to an external storage unit like an SD card, USB or others. Further iCSee provides you an option to watch the camera feed in real-time on your device.

There are many applications available in the market but only a few are beneficial like iSCee. iSCee has a user-friendly interface and a simple configuration method always make the app easy to use for you. If you use this app on your PC so you will feel more comfortable and enjoy all its features on a large screen.

How to Connect and Use iCSee for PC

With iSCee you will get live monitoring from CCTV cameras, you just need to configure them with iCSee. If you have no idea how to connect iCSee on your PC then don’t worry. Here we will guide you on how to do it. There is a very simple method of iCSee Login for PC. Just like the android mobile you just need to create an account. Or set-up your IP camera by entering the IP address of the camera, device Name, and port number. That’s all now you are successfully connected with iCsee app on your PC. But always make sure that your internet is connected and working properly.iCSee for PC

Key Features of iSCee

  • Live streaming CCTV camera videos.
  • Missed videos will be played offline.
  • Get screenshots while the video is playing.
  • It has quick motion detector which alerts you while detects any motion in the video.
  • Real-time HD view of the camera.
  • Works on WiFi, 3G, 4G connection. It also works on Public WiFi but always uses a secure connection.
  • It Supports Video Recording and Video Playbacks.
  • iSCee has PTZ Control with (Tilt, Zoom, and Orientation management).
  • Provide Cloud Storage for Recorded Videos.
  • Quick Motion Detector. Alert or notified you if detect any motion.
  • Connect with multiple doorbells, DVRs, IP cams.

With iCSee you will easily monitor the video recording status of your CCTV in real-time. You will take screenshots and listen to the audio. View videos in both portrait and landscape styles, also motion detector is a very useful feature of this app. It alerts you on the device whenever it catches a motion in the video. So iSCee easily manages and controls IP cams by using internet connection. If you missed any scene from live streaming, you will see later in offline mode. Having this software means you have another camera in your hand. This is really good advantage of iSCee.iCSee for PC

Complete Guide on How to Install iSCee Application for PC

iCSee is basically an Android App. But with the help of the “Android Emulator”, you will download iCSee for your PC easily. We always suggest Bluestacks to install apps on PC. It works perfect on PC without any problem,

To download BlueStacks on your PC just click on this (Link) and press the “Download Bluestacks” button or locate the .exe file and install it into your PC. Launch Bluestacks and See the startup tutorial and don’t forget to complete the startup forums.iCSee for PC

Now from the home interface of Bluestacks, open Google Play Store. Enter your email or password to log-in, once login Type iCSee in the search bar and press enter select iSCee real app and click on the “Install Now” button or install it into your PC.

Open iSCee application on your PC and enjoy using this application without any hassle. If you have any questions regarding this app just write on the below comments box.

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