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How To Download Carrom Pool On PC, Windows And Mac – GLANCE GAME


Carrom Pool On PC is very easy to play. It is a multiplayer game. This game is also called strikers and pocket table games. The focus of the game is to pot all pieces before the opponent. This game is usually played on a board of wood. A set of carrom contains nineteen pieces in three colors. The main colors are black, white for players and red for a queen. The game is very famous in Nepal, India, Pakistan, and nearby areas of the East but its origin is from the Indian subcontinent. The fine powder is used on the board to play smoothly. We can exchange gifts with our friends in this game. We can express ourselves with the help of emojis. This is a free mobile game in which we will get a victory chest. We can use hacks and cheats as well. It is commonly played by children, families. Different rules are set by different people. It became more popular after world war I. Carrom tournaments were also arranged in different countries like Sri Lanka, India, etc in which different organizations offered prizes or rewards.  Now it obtains some popularity in the united states and Europe. the dimension of a normal game is 29 inches. it is usually played with a small disc made of wood.Carrom Pool On PC

Strikers usually weigh 15 grams and it is used to push the carrom pieces towards the pockets.  the red one is called the queen. the most valuable in the game. during the game, it is placed at the center and by the potting queen, players will get 3 times more rewards to the player’s total score. the size of the queen is the same as the normal pieces. the player must pot his own piece subsequently with the queen this term is called covering the queen. if mistakenly the player puts the piece of the opponent to the pot then the queen must be placed back at the center again and if the players fail to pot his own piece then the queen will also be placed back at the center.

Boric powder is commonly used to play smoothly. European union allocates boric powder is very dangerous for health. and it can cause damage to the unborn child. many people use anti set off spray which is made of pure vegetable starch. Before playing u should do toss, who won the toss will play first. this is called the opening break. the successful pot of the player gets another chance to pot again.

Carrom Pool MODE:

Two modes of carrom are:

  • disc pool mode
  • classic mode.

But disc pool mode is excellent because it allows people to unlock different items and features. but in this mode, you also hack the game as a third party.

Carrom Pool Features:

  • The game consist of 19 pieces including black and white for players and red is a queen.
  • This game is for multiplayer who pot their pieces first will be the winner.
  • Queen is the most important in the game which gives you three times more scores than the actual score.
  • Free chest and rewards are also available in the game.
  • Once the queen is covered, who clears the pieces first will be the winner.
  • To win a player must pot all the pieces of the team.
  • This style is used in many areas across India and Pakistan.
  • The board is available in different sizes.
  • Boards with larger pots are used for beginners for playing easily.
  • Several companies made a copy of the carrom disc pool.
  • We will get unlimited coins in the game every time we won a game.
  • We can play with our friends and family as well.
  • We can share gifts, gold, and gems with friends and family.
  • The online status will also show to our friends so they can play with us.
  • We can give a challenge to our friends and play with them.
  •  We can upload a photo of our choice to our profile so our friends can find us easily.
  • We can use a hack to beat others in the game.
  • There is an app that we install and get the directions of the pot by a line so we will win very easily.
  • We can download a slow-motion version so we can play easily and we have more time for our turn.
  • Otherwise, in carrom, there is a limited time period for a one-time turn.
  • We can also play with unknown people.
  • In this game the higher the risk so as to higher the reward.
  • Best game to play in an impressive manner.
  • We all love to play games.
  • This game is also called the physics of the games.
  • zigzags shot also available which makes it more interesting.
  •  At the start, we know how to play and handle strikers.Carrom Pool On PC



  • Entertainment for children as well as adults.
  • We can play carrom offline also when the internet is not available.
  • A lot of rewards are there in this game like gold, gems, gifts coins, etc.
  • We can play with anyone no matter how far they are.
  • there is no limitation to playing this game whether you have coins or not.


  • Levels are also there when we get the specific amount of coins then we will go to the higher level of the game.
  • In this game as much higher the risk then the reward will be higher also.
  • There is a daily lucky shot available when you open the app and the reward for this shot is great.
  • We also have a choice to change the type of our striker in the corner equipment.
  • streaks are also maintained in the game.
  • The win rate also depends on the total winnings of our game.
  • We can invite our friends on Facebook or WhatsApp.
  • We can also log in to the game from Facebook so it will automatically add your Facebook friends to the game.
  • We can send free coins and gifts to others.
  • You should use your fingerprint to place the striker.
  • You will daily get some reward.
  • There is an option available in which you can watch videos and get free coins and gems.
  • You can play on practice mode to master the game.
  • People can chat with you privately if you accept the following requests.
  • Many videos are available in which we can watch and understand how to play them more perfectly.
  • You can make it more interesting for them by inviting their friends to play at home.


  • carrom disc pool.


  • The version of the game is 3.1.2 with server 6.0.0.


  • 3.9 MB.


  • android 3.0 and abv


  • Miniclip


  • 50,000,000 +


  • free


  • 23 January 2020



Side shot is a trick used to pot the piece. this trick is used to win the game.


Side shot is used pot two pieces at the same time so that u can win easily.


This trick is used at the start of the game when all pieces placed in the middle.


Use your thumb for a stronger hit.


This technique is used when you are playing double games.


  • This is not harmful to anyone. As an indoor game, so you are safe from injuries.
  • It’s not an expensive game like other games.
  • If you want ur children to stay indoors and away from the heat of summers during vacations, then this is best. This game engages your children to develop their personality skills like communications, team spirit, etc.
  • This is a good way to spend time with family and friends.
  • Among other games, carrom is the best game to play at home.
  • This game helps to develop social abilities.
  • Continuous practice is important.
  • This will aware the children focus on a particular pocket.
  • This game helps in exercising the brain by learning something new.
  • This game is good for summer vacations when children have nothing to do.

Carrom Pool Advantages And Disadvantages:

  • For games, people become hyper and start fighting with each other.
  • several people think that these games are for little kids.
  • Games fainted the ability of your thinking and problem-solving activity.
  • Some games can become addiction or stress for urself.
  • It helps people or kids to interact with each other.
  • It is cheaper than other games.
  • No fee for online games.
  • It can be fun.
  • only a specific number of people can play at a time.
  • some people think that these games are boring.
  • If u are a student then it’s a waste of time.
  • People prefer to use the internet.

There is a limit of age for games people think.


  • Each team or player is assigned to choose the color and can pocket that color of carrom.
  • The pocketing of a queen must become after by pocketing another coin on the same strike.
  • Queen and others can be pocket in the same turn otherwise its a foul.
  • The winner of a game collects one point for each of the opponent’s carrom men.
  • Potting the striker incurred a penalty of a piece and a loss of turn.
  • One can touch any piece, the player can touch their last piece directly before the queen, No penalty is force.


As we said before Carrom Pool Only available to Android Play Store you can download and install it on your smartphone by one click. In case you don’t have any smart device or don’t want to use it, the only option left is your PC. But the problem is, Google Play Store doesn’t compatible with Windows and Mac, although there is another way. We need to use third-party app players called Android Emulators. This App player works as Android system, so you will be able to use andy Android App through Emulator. Let me explain how you can download and install CARROM POOL on PC, see the instructions below:

Step No One: Download Bluestacks

Very first you have to download an Android emulator on PC. There are a lot of App players in the online market, you can google it. But we suggest using Bluestacks App Player as it is one of the best and free Android Emulator. You can download Bluestacks from there Official Site.

Step No 2: Run the Setup

When downloading complete, locate and open the Bluestacks.exe where you save to download. Now another screen will appear, ask for system administration permission, click on yes to proceed.

Step No 3: Install The Package

Now a new step window will open, click on the install button to start extracting files from the package to your PC. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Step No 4: Bluestacks Login

When the package is installed, a new screen will appear for login into BlueStacks, You can use Google Id credentials to sign in or make a new Google account from the Bluestacks app. After that agree with terms and conditions and enable GPS for better performance.

Step No 5: Install Carrom Pool on PC

Bluestacks is configured completely with your system and ready to use, open Bluestacks and write “Carrom Pool” in the search bar. Carrom Pool will open in Google Play Store, click on the install button. The app will some time to be installed on Bluestacks, it depends on your internet connections.

Step No 6: Locate The App

Now go back to Bluestacks Main menu, the Carrom pool icon will be there. You can also locate the app from your system desktop. But always remember, You can use the Android app on PC, Windows windows Android Emulator.

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