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How to Download and use VPNIFY for PC Free


VPNIFY is the best useful VPN and provides unlimited 100% free high-speed Proxy on your devices. It is totally secured with army-grade encryption so you will safely use public, business and school networks and unblock inaccessible and censored websites from all around the world and feel free to get rid of all those inaccessible websites with Vpnify hotspot proxy.

VPVIFY is available for all those important sites which are not accessible easily on the website. VPNIFY is very helpful if you want to access blocked sites in your country then VPNIFY is the best free proxy for your Android mobile phone or other devices.

VPNIFY offers

This application offers you unlimited access to all blocked websites in the world by bypassing all restrictions. It allows you to use websites without any hassle and provide full security.VPNIFY for PC

Connection: VPNIFY provides you full comfort of connectivity. It required no registration, all you need to do is install it and click the “Connect” button or it connects quickly.

Servers: Connects to the best proxy server quickly and offers the required services. There are multiple servers for supporting app usage in different areas. The usage of VPNIFY is not limited to any trial or bandwidth. it’s totally free and will be accessed by anyone without any restrictions.

Security:  VPNIFY has a DNS that is totally encrypted and secured. It prevents the stealing and oversight of data by unknown peoples. All the data used for communication is properly encrypted with Military-grade cybersecurity traffic encryption. or always remember the storage of traffic logs is not a part of VPNIFY so you will experience completely private browsing.

Access: VPNIFY allows you to access unlimited blocked sites including all the private content. It also allows you to freely access on websites that are in the censorship zone without having any problem.

Speed: Not just only in case of access and security, VPNIFY features have ultra-fast VPN speed and provide on-the-spot quick connection.

Different Countries Locations: VPNIFY gets easily accessed in different geographic locations like the USA, UK, India, China, Germany, Singapore, Spain, and other countries from all over the world.

These are some prominent features VPNIFY provides to users. Moreover, there are a lot of other features to explore. Which you will get to know about them when you use VPNIFY.VPNIFY for PC

Key Features and benefits of using the VPNIFY

Bandwidth limitations: VPNIFY does not have any bandwidth limitation so you will access the website at faster speed all the time and it will never get slow in long-duration connectivity.

One-Click Connect: VPNIFY allows you to connect with any website with just one click.

Shield: VPNIFY works as a shield to protect your personal information. No matter if you are using public networks your personal data is always secured.

The best thing about VPNIFY, there are no specific cons of VPNIFY.VPNIFY for PC

Quick Method of Download and Install VPNIFY for PC

First of all download Bluestacks from its official website or you can use the above mention link to download Bluestacks. Just click on this link and press the download button. After that locate the .exe file or install it into your PC. Agree with the license agreement. Then your Bluestacks emulator is open and ready to play.VPNIFY for PC

Now you see Google play store on Bluestacks home page. There it requires log-in, next just simply log in with your Google account. Enter your email or password and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once all set-up is complete, search VPNIFY on Google play store. Now install it on your PC. After installation completes it finally creates a shortcut on your desktop or its home page. Simply click on the icon, finally, VPNIFY is ready to play on your PC.

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