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How to Download and Install YCC365 Plus for PC Free


YCC365 Plus PC is a mobile application and it is designed very smart and easy to use for home monitoring with WiFi camera that sets up easily on your device. You will view your live video feed from anywhere by just log-in into the free YCC365 Plus on your mobile phone or PC. It depends on you where you are using this software.

Security is the top priority of all people these days. So you spend a big amount on security locks, cameras, and other security things but you still end up losing your valuable items from your home, office, and other properties too.

You need to get a proper monitor of your home, workplace, or other properties at all times. YCC365 Plus for PC provides you mobile monitoring that helps you to achieve your goal. YCC365 Plus will installed on any smart-phone or PC, and you will easily monitor all activities happening at your home while you are outside from your home or anywhere else.

Now, these days we are more engaged with PC and Laptops as compared to mobile phones. It is very tough for us to check our mobile phone repeatedly.

Features of YCC365 Plus for PC Application

YCC365 Plus for Windows 10 is designed while having a lot of factors in mind. So it’s not just about to monitor your home at a screen all the time. But also YCC365 Plus for PC offers some useful features which improve your quality of monitoring. The helpful features offered by the YCC365 Plus are,


YCC365 Plus has the ability to record all live videos captured by the camera. Moreover, It allows you easy to view and check your video any time during the day or week. This is very helpful in bad cases of robberies.


YCC365 Plus keeps all the records of every small thing in your live videos, it will be stored data for later use. The place where YCC365 Plus stores your recorded data is on the memory-card or it will use the cloud storage to save your data.

Sharing and Voice Calling:

One of the best useful feature of YCC365 Plus is, it allows you to share your videos with anyone. If you have an account on any social network you will share your videos directly with YCC365 plus. Also, with YCC365 Plus you will be able to make Two-Way voice communication. So this feature is more useful for you if you have kids at your house or you want to monitor them while you are not present at your house.

Motion Detection and Alarms:

YCC365 Plus made these features for rare cases like if any unknown person tries to enter into your home, YCC365 Plus will send you quick notification on your connected device about this activity. It will help you in stopping losses and damages to your home or other property.

Steps for Install and download YCC365 Plus on PC Free

Step 1. First, Download and install an android emulator on your PC or Mac Operating System. Go for BlueStacks. It is very easy to use and perform better as compared to others.

Step 2. After installing Bluestacks on your PC. Open Bluestacks on your PC by click on the real Bluestacks icon from your PC. Then it shows Google play store on your screen. First set up your Google account by entering your email or password. If you have one, perfect. If not, create a new one as it is necessary.

Step 3. Now Open Google Play store and search for the YCC365 Plus application on your Google play store or make sure the app on your Google play store is original that you are looking for.

Step 4. Click on the install now button of the YCC365 Plus application and accept the installation pop-ups to complete the installation process. When installation complete you see it creates the app icon on your desktop or Bluestacks home page. Open the YCC365 Plus on your PC and its ready to play.

Enjoy your YCC365 application and its great features on your desktop without any hassle. You can link it to the camera by click on the “Add Device” button and enter the details of your camera.

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