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How to Download and Install Sannce Cam for PC Free


Sannce Cam for PC is the best useful monitoring camera application that connects to the Sannce camera for live video coverage and also you will watch live recordings from the camera. It uses a two-way connection and notifies you when there is an unexpected movement happens in front of the camera. Sannce Cam app for PC is a bit different from other surveillance apps because it will connect correctly with any camera as long as it has a P2P camera.

While most apps will not work well to provide clear live footage from a camera, but Sannce provides you live HD view from Sannce camera or any other P2P camera. It also allows video recording, which is very useful for recording and saves what you will not watch on live. Video playback will enable you to see such videos later when you are available and free. The best part of Sannce, you will get notifications which is very beneficial or You will quickly view the notification and watch all movements happening and how it happens exactly by using the playback feature.

The best thing about Sannce Cam is, your videos will never be lost because all your videos are stored in the local storage. However, you will save your videos from local storage to cloud storage to ensure that all videos are completely safe.Sannce Cam for PC

Main Functions of Sannce Cam:

  • It has a Unique P2P account for every camera.
  • Required No port forward.
  • 100% P2P strong connection.

About Sannce Cam

Sannce Cam is basically designed for android devices but you will download and install Sannce Cam on your PC, Laptop, and Mac. Sannce Cam has free Video Players & Editors tools, which were developed by Shenzhen Kean Digital Co. Ltd. The latest version of Sannce Cam is 10.0, it was released on 2017-09-20 and updated on 2019-09-04. Sannce Cam is a free application for plug and plays network cameras. That means there is no need to set up a router and internet configuration when you need to install one network camera. All installation and settings will be finished within three mins even you will know nothing about the computer and the internet.Sannce Cam for PC

How Sannce Cam Works

Some people might find a little issue while they connect the Sannce Cam application to the Sannce camera. If you are too then we will fix your problem. First of all, the Sannce Cam monitoring application is a plug-and-play app. It means it does not require any camera ID and port numbers. It only needs to connect with the Cameras by its ID and the password.

To use Sannce Cam, you just need to log in with the Sannce vision cloud. Also, remember the process of connecting the Sannce Cam to the Sannce camera will never change, or always remains the same. Make sure that your WIFI connection is stable and works properly.

Is Sannce Cam working on PC?

As we told you before, Sannce Cam is designed to work on mobile devices. However, you will install Sannce Cam on your PC with the help of an android emulator. We always suggest Bluestacks for download any app for your PC. It performs quick without any lack of speed so you will use your android applications better on your PC as compared to little android mobile phone.Sannce Cam for PC

Method of Download and Install Sannce Cam for PC

At very first you need to download Bluestacks on your PC. you can download Bluestacks from its official website or use this above mention link to download Bluestacks.

Open this link and click on the “Download Bluestacks” button, now locate the .exe file and install it on your PC, and open Bluestacks on your PC.

Once it opens you see google play store on your screen click on the login button and enter your email address or password to set up your Google play store.

Now search the Sannce Cam app and open it or press the “Install Now” button to begin the installation once the installation is complete it creates an app shortcut on your desktop and Bluestacks home page click on the app icon and it’s ready to play.


Monitoring applications are necessary for running monitoring cameras. However, you have to make sure that the monitoring camera application that you will install is useful. Sannce Cam is a very useful monitoring tool that you will easily use to monitor your camera’s view.

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