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How to Download and Install iVMS-4500 for PC Free


iVMS-4500 is a perfect monitoring application if you installed this software in your device, it ables you to log-on to the front-end device via Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G. If there is no public IP available for your device, it will accessible by using an effective domain name, or by mapping ports to the public IP of the router. It is made to bring ease to the people, who like to bring security to their belongings, home, and other property by themselves.

Once you will make an account with the iVMS-4500, you will choose to connect their security devices remotely or manually. as you want, once your connection becomes successful with the iVMS-4500, they will provide you with live feeds of their security cameras quickly.

iVMS-4500 for PC

If you are willing to use this app on your PC. Then, you will use iVMS-4500 features more efficiently and watch your live video on a large screen and don’t need to stick with your small mobile screen all the time you will perform all tasks from your PC or Laptop without any problem because you will use your smartphone for other purposes also like making calls, texting, playing games and other so do whatever you want to without any restriction. Use your PC or Laptop to monitor your home, workplace and other properties.

Key Features of iVMS-4500iVMS-4500 for PC

  • PTZ: A feature that helps you to take full control of your network cameras. You will change the camera’s movement, Zoom in and zoom out are also allowed.
  • You will connect with lots of security at the same time. Once connected, iVMS-4500 allows watching the live feed of four different cameras. If you like to focus on the live footage of a single cam. You will choose to tap on it for a full-screen view.
  • The alarm notification system is provided to help you. Also, it notifies you when someone is trying to enter your property or mess up with your security devices.
  • you will easily manage your old-time saved videos and pictures directly through the application.

Note: The live view effect works as per the performance of your network and your device hardware. If the live view is not smooth or the screen appears blurred. Then reduce the resolution, frame rate, and bitrate of your camera, or reduce the image quality from your application.iVMS-4500 for PC

How to get easily iVMS-4500 for your PC, laptop, mac, and other devices

The first thing you need to do is download Bluestacks on your PC. You will download it from its official website or you can download it from this above mention link

Open the link and click on the Download Bluestacks button and locate the .exe file and install it on your PC. Now open Bluestacks and log on to Google play store account by entering your email or password or creating a new account for the Google play store.iVMS-4500 for PC

Search iVMS-4500 on Google play store and open it. Now click on the install now button accept the license agreement and follow other on-screen information to install the app on your PC.

Once iVMS-4500 install successfully. Then open the application and enjoy using iVMS-4500 on your PC without any hassle.

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