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How to Download EasyviewerLite for PC Windows10-8-7 & macOS


Download EasyviewerLite for PC. It is a video monitoring application. It controls your live video streams from your CCTV cameras and video encoders. EasyviewerLite has a live HD view of a camera, also it supports video recording or playback. Or if it detects any obnoxious activity in a live video feed, then it sends you a notification, and the best thing is, it captures or sends screenshots too. EasyviewerLite gets PTZ control and allows people to view their videos in both formats landscape or Portrait. Moreover, you will see your videos zoom-in and zoom-out.

EasyviewerLite App on your PC is working just like it works on your Android-mobile, or you can monitor live video from your cameras on your PC system with a larger display. You can view recorded videos anytime and anywhere you want. It is very user-friendly and EasyviewerLite for PC allows you to watch your live HD video through your IP cameras from your personal computers.

More About EasyviewerLite for PC

You will play EasyviewerLite on your PC, Windows 10-8-7, and Mac OS. with the help of an android emulator, which is specially designed for Windows and Mac. Now you will easily use Google services on PC and enjoy your favorite Android Apps and Games on PC. If you know how to use an Android Emulator it’s good otherwise Here we will tell you how you can easily get EasyviewerLite on your PC. Moreover, we will give you some more information about EasyviewerLite

Supported Devices

It connects with a huge selection of monitoring cameras. The method of connecting the IP cam is very simple you just need to add the Port number and IP address of the camera into this application and you are ready to play. EasyviewerLite is specially made for live monitoring, and it lets you communicate just like a walkie-talkie or intercom system.

Benefits Of EasyviewerLite on PC

There is a lot of benefits such as being able to access your home security from your PC. Using the EasyviewerLite for PC is not only be able to stop criminals with features like a walkie talkie, and you will also be able to monitor your home all times without staying home. All things considered, knowing you will get a live feed of your home or office all times will give you a feeling of security and comfort.EasyviewerLite for PC

Useful Features of EasyviewerLite on PC

Here are some features that are offered in the EasyviewerLite:

  • Motion detection.
  • Notifications, quick screenshots for unusual activity.
  • PTZ Controls
  • View the videos in a landscape and portrait mode.
  • Supports almost all range of monitoring camera models.
  • EasyviewerLite will be used as a Walkie-Talkie or intercom.

This app offers easy access to your home security while you are at work, watching movies, and enhancing your life overall.

Before Downloading EasyviewerLite:

Before you decide to download this application on your PC. Then EasyviewerLite is able to connect with a large variety of IP cameras. The process of connecting cameras may take a few minutes and once the camera is connected then you have easy access to your live videos.

How to Use EasyviewerLite on PC

The EasyviewerLite is very user-friendly or its icons and buttons are easily used in functions and its Home Screen has an Alarm, Preview, Video, Picture, and a quick click option to the most frequently used video feeds under “Favorites”.

Furthermore, you will need to configure your IP cameras. Click on the “Device Manager” button option, then enter the IP Address of your camera or the Port Number into EasyviewerLite. The good thing is you will add as many cameras as you want. However, they will be supported by EasyviewerLite for PC.

You will select not only different live feeds to view or you can also decide when to add recordings directly to your PC. You will be able to capture screenshots and save them directly to your cloud if necessary.Download EasyviewerLite for PC

How to Download and Install EasyviewerLite on PC free

To download EasyviewerLite on PC. Download and Install Android Emulators on your PC. Bluestacks is very easy to use and helpful to download apps on your PC it works simply and well.

1- First You will download Bluestacks from its real website or you can also use this above-mentioned link To download Bluestacks.EasyviewerLite for PC

2- You just simply open the link and press the download button to download Bluestacks on your PC.

3- After that locate the .exe file tab and extracts files from the software.

4- Once all files are extracts. Then open the Bluestacks on your PC or Laptop by click on the created icon.

5- Open Bluestacks and it leads you to Google play store ‘Signup’ screen and asks you to log-in with your Google account.

NOTE: There is always an option to create a new account.

6- When Google play store’s “Signup” process is complete. Then search the EasyviewerLite on google play store search bar.

7- Now open the app and install it on your device by clicking on the “install now” button and accept the terms and conditions of EasyviewerLite.

8- When the installation is successfully done, it creates the app icon on your PC desktop or it creates an app icon on the Bluestacks home page.

9- Finally, just click on the EasyviewerLite icon and your app is ready to run on your PC.

for further information, just drop down your concerns in the below comments box. Also, if you want more apps for your PC Windows 10-8-7 and MAC just visit our site and get more amazing apps and games on our site.

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