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Note Recognizer for PC is made for those peoples who are seriously involved in active music-making. It analyses the pitch frequency that you sing or play and gives the corresponding note name instantly. Moreover, It is a very useful app for singers who need to find the right starting note of a song. Or if you want to know the key of a song, then sing the tonic, and you get the note name of the key.

This app is awesome. It’s the ease of functionality, “Music Note Transcriber”, is Clear and Concise. The developer did a great job in Algorithm creation and UI efficiency. Overall this App is excellent and it may help you be the next Music Composer.

Also, this application is great as a tuner for guitar or checking your intonation on flute, violin or any other instrument. Note Recognizer has no fancy graphics, but the perfectly visible layout for dark venues and gloomy practice environments is awesome. You can choose from different note naming systems such as “Indian Sargam” or “Do Re Mi”.note recognizer for pc

More About Note Recognizer App

Now with Live Notation, you can play your musical idea on an instrument and have it transformed into musical notation quickly. Also, watch your score grow while playing and save the notation as an image file and send it to your dropbox or share it with your friends and loved ones.
If you want to save the notation, you need at least Android 4.0 on your device. Older versions will give an error on your device. But if you use this app on your PC or laptop, then it will perform well on your PC or other devices.
Further, Live Notation will not work for only whistling, as the notes are above the normal musical range for instruments. The quality of the microphone of your device may influence the performance of Note Recognizer.note recognizer for pc

How to Download and Install Note Recognizer for PC

To download and install Note Recognizer app on your PC you need an android emulator. We always suggest Bluestacks to download android apps on your PC or Laptop. Because it performs well on all devices. Just read the below instructions to download Note Recognizer app on your device.

Download Bluestacks to install Note Recognizer

First, visit Bluestacks official site or use this link to download Bluestacks.

When you open the Bluestacks official site there you see a “Download Bluestacks” button.

Click on that button to download .exe file on your device.

Now locate and open .exe file on your PC and click on the “Next” button on the new tab. Further, the file extracting process starts automatically.

Once all files are extracted successfully it opens a new tab on your screen and you see a download bar.

Press the Download button and follow on the screen instruction and wait until the download process is finished.note recognizer for pc

Install and Use Note Recognizer for PC

  1. Open Bluestacks on your PC and it will directly lead you to the Google play store signup page (when you first-time open Bluestacks).
  2. Click on the Signup button and enter your email details to configure it.
  3. Once Google play configures successfully, then find the search bar and type Note Recognizer, and hit the search button
  4. Now Note Recognizer and other related apps showed on the Google play tab.
  5. Pick the Note Recognizer and open it. There just click on the Install Now button and follow the on-screen info to install the app.

Where to Get the App and Use it after Installation

  1. First, you will get the app icon on the Bluestacks home page.
  2. Second, you can find the app icon on your desktop screen.note recognizer for PC

Lastly, Just click on the app icon from anywhere to launch and you are ready to use this app on your PC or laptop.


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