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Download iFile for PC Windows 10-8-7, and Mac Free


Get bored with using the same File Manager on your Android, iOS, and PC devices? Then, Download iFile for PC. It is an amazing app that has amazing features to makes files and folders organized easier. There are lots of features available in this app. Also, it supports many file types such as pictures, videos, archives, documents, APKs, and much more. Moreover, you will get engage with iFile with edit, move, rename, and delete the files in real-time.

iFile is the only App that will work efficiently and quickly for controlling all your documents. Managing the files with iFile is seamless, you don’t need any special computer skills in order to use iFile. Therefore, it is only available for Android and iOS devices but, you will still use iFile on your PC Windows or Laptop.

More about iFile application

iFile for PC is the best file manager app where you will manage and access all your files and folders in a simple and easy manner. Unlike other file Manager applications, you can save all your data in your device with the best useful features. With iFile App for PC, you will do many tasks like installing files, editing files, sharing files by using Bluetooth, Wifi and also you have a chance to hack games and apps. Furthermore, you will make an edit, rename, move, delete, and adjust files. Moreover, the best part of iFile app contains a powerful inbuilt web browser to download files from the different webs.

It also supports to create a file and folder easily and customize it in your own style. With iFile, you will access the files and system directories by using the “Superuser permissions.” Also, you may filter files, sort and search for your documents in the background mode on your Ifile for pc

Useful Features of iFile application

The important feature of the iFile app is that you can install .deb files and unzip them easily and quickly. Moreover, download iFile for PC and get more amazing features like:

Extension Support: iFile supports various file formats such as Pdf, BMP, bmpf, mp3, AIFF, png, jpg, and many others.

Best File Manager: It is the best file manager with advanced features like file managing options and lets you control all types of files and folders simply.

No Configuration: It will not require any configuration and helps you work efficiently without any difficult process.

Root Access Support: With iFile you will get full support for the root access like accessing your files and system directories.

Minimalist feature: It will minimalistic your apps which will manage various kinds of files and folders.

Customization Feature: You will sort files either by list or grid view, create a new folder, share your files via WiFi, LAN, and text file, Moreover, sort the files by time, size, type, and name.


With iFile file manager, you will actually enhance the functionality of your device. The best thing about iFile is that you don’t require rooting on your smartphone or another device to download and install the application. Perfect compatibility and the simple user interface of iFile has the two main things, which require immediate praise.

Procedure for Downloading iFile for PC

1⇒ Download and Install Bluestacks 

To download Bluestacks on your PC Click here or visit the Bluestacks official Ifile for pc

1⇒ Open Bluestacks site and there you get the “Download Bluestacks” button.

2⇒ Click on that button and it downloads .exe file on your PC.

3⇒ Search .exe file on your downloads option from a browser or directly open it from your browser.

4⇒ Once you find .exe file open it and install it on your PC.

5⇒ Here it starts extracting files when you click on the .exe file tab. Further, it takes a few moments to finish.

6⇒ Once the whole extracting process is complete, it opens a new tab on your screen. There click on the “Install” button and the installations will begins automatically.

7⇒ Wait until the installations are finished. it will take some time to complete the installation process.

8⇒ Moreover, when installations complete Bluestacks icon will appear on your desktop main screen.

Install iFile for PC Windows 10-8-7, and MAC

1⇒ Firstly, launch Bluestacks on your device.

2⇒ It will lead you directly to the, google play store Signup page. Here press the “Signup” button and enter your Google account.

3⇒ If you don’t have an account, then create a new account first because it’s necessary.

4⇒ When you successfully login. Finds the search bar and type iFile and press the “Search” button.

5⇒ Now it shows the iFile and other related apps, open the iFile from its icon.

6⇒ Finally, click on the “Install Now” button and accept the license agreement for a successful installation.

7⇒ Once the installation process completes and finishes. The iFile app is ready to run on your PC or laptop.

You won’t face any issues in installing as well as utilizing the app. Further, everything is managed pretty simply and keep the best interest of the ifile for pc windows 10

APK File Method to Download iFile App for PC

It is another way to install iFile. If you don’t get the app on the Google Play, then use this below provided method to install and use iFile on your PC or laptop.

  1. First, download the APK file from Google or download it from here.
  2. Now Launch Bluestacks on your device.
  3. After that scroll your cursor on the “installed apps” tab.
  4. Select the “APK files” and you will get another new tab.
  5. Here select the downloaded APK file and click on the “Next” button to begins the installation process.
  6. Further, wait to complete the installations. It will take a few seconds to finish.

How to Find and Use iFile app after installation

  1. Find iFile from the Bluestacks home page.
  2. Further iFile icon will appear on your desktop screen.
  3. Lastly, just click on the app icon and start using the app without any ifile for pc


iFile is the best useful File manager app for Android users. It is perfect and easy to use. So download iFile for PC and it allows you to easily explore music, videos, pictures, and also you can compressed files, documents and software installation packages on your device free. With iFile you will browse the folder directory stored in your device and manage all the files more efficiently and quickly.

Alternative Apps

To get more apps for PC Windows 10-8-7, and Mac visit our site or if you have any questions regarding the app, just use the below-mentioned comments box.

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