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Kik is an instant messaging app developed by Kik Interactive which is very useful in the current time. Kik Interactive is a Canadian company and came into the market in October 2010. The Kik app uses your mobile phone data and the Wi-Fi connection to send text messages, share pictures and videos and webpages to your loved ones or other friends who have a Kik account.

It allows you to connect with your friends by using their cell phone numbers, usernames or by scanning the Kik app codes. Although the Kik app is very similar to WhatsApp and Viber. But Kik has some additional features which make it favorite among people of all ages.

The best part of Kik app: One of such features is anonymity. While you give your mobile number in order to register for other social media accounts. Kik does not ask you to do that. With Kik, you will create your account on the Kik app just by registering your email. Just pick the username that you like and you are good to go.Kik app for Windows

Features of Kik App for Windows PC 

Access Web from the application: It allows you to access the web within the Kik app. Now you don’t need to open another web tab while you are on chat mode.

Privacy: It is you who decides whether the application will access your address book to add your contacts to the chat list. So your privacy always safe in the Kik app. Also, it allows you to block any user you want to.

Profile Integration: With Kik, you have your own profile and username. Moreover, change your profile picture and set the contact details as per your choice and comfort.

Chat list: Kik keeps all the people you chat with, in an organized list form. Just click on the name of the person and start the Chat with a person.

Live Typing: It allows you to see whether the person you are chatting with is typing or not and expect a reply from them. Also, allows you to see the delivery status of your text.

Chat customization: If you don’t like the by-default color. Then go to the settings option, click on the chat settings options and change the color of your chat bubble to your favorite color and get a better texting experience.

More Useful Features provided by Kik

Notifications: Receive notifications whenever you send or receive messages just like other messaging applications. Moreover, you can change the sound of notifications.

Multimedia messages: You will send images, videos, gifs, emojis, and sketches without any problems.

Group Chats: Create your own group, give it a name and start chatting in a group. Also, you will search for any group of your interest and ask to be added to them.

Video Chats: Kik Messenger provides you the option of video chatting as well.

Kik Code: It can be found on the settings tab of Kik, So you will add users from their Kik code as well. Kik users have their own personal and unique Kik code.

Bot Shop: You will fun with the Kik’s bots as well if your friends are not online. Then you can chat with the Kik bot, play games with it, get the latest news, and do many other activities.Kik app for Windows

Why choose Kik for PC?

Kik has one of the best software to not only share unlimited text messages. Also, it shares videos, emojis, gifs, sketches with more than one person at a time. That is Kik who allows you group chats as well. Everyone loves to use this app, kids, adults, and all age peoples. If you use the app on your PC or Laptop then you will use its features more efficiently and a large screen gives you more comfort while you chat with your friends and other loved ones.

How to Download and Install Kik app on PC Windows

It is very simple and easy to download the Kik app on Windows PC. You just need an android emulator to download and install the app on your PC. If you already use any emulator on your device and satisfied with that then use it. We always suggest Bluestacks to install android app on Windows PC and Mac OS.

Download Bluesatcks

To download Bluestacks just read the below mention instructions and follow them.

You can download Bluestacks emulator from its official website or use the above mention link to download Bluestacks on your PC Windows.

Provided Link – Download BlueStacks here.
Official Website – BlueStacks Official Website.Kik app for Windows

1⇒ Just click on the link and press the “Download Bluestacks” button.

2⇒ Now it downloads .exe file on your device. Here locate the .exe file on your browser page or check your downloads folder.

3⇒ When you get .exe file open it and continue with the “Next” button and start extracting files.

4⇒ Once all files are extracted from Bluestacks software, then a new tab will appear on your screen.

5⇒ Its time to press the blue “Install” button to continue the Bluestacks installation process.

6⇒ It take some time to complete the installation process, just follow your on-screen information and it will automatically install it on your device.

Once the Bluestacks installation process finished. Then open Bluestacks on your PC or Laptop without any problem and start using it.Kik app for Windows

Install Kik on Windows PC with Bluestacks

Firstly, launch Bluestacks emulator on your PC or Laptop.

  1. Here you will get Google play store on Bluestacks’ main screen with a signup page.
  2. Now it required your Gmail and password to configure Google play store on Bluestacks.
  3. Once the Google Play configures go to its search bar, type Kik and press the search button.
  4. Now you get the Kik app with other related apps, pick the real Kik app to install from Google Play Store.

In the last step just press the “Install Now” button, accept license agreement, terms, and conditions. and subsequently wait until the whole installation process is finished.

Where You Get Bluestacks and Kik App after Installation

1⇒ Find the Bluestacks on your PC or Laptop “Desktop” main screen.

2⇒ Also, when the Kik app is installed successfully find it from both BlueStack home page OR on your desktop main screen. Kik app for Windows

Furthermore, you will get more related apps for Windows 10-8-7, PC, and Mac by visit our site and getting more best apps for PC, Windows 10-8-7, and Mac free. For any queries regarding Kik app for windows PC, use the below mention comments box without any hesitation.

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