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Download Free CLONEit for PC, Windows10-8-7, and Mac


CLONEit is a free application that allows you to transfer up to 12 types of data to another device. It provides you the fastest speed to transfer data rather than Bluetooth or other methods. Just select the sender and recipient and share your files quickly in a short time. So Download CLONEit for PC if you want to transfer files from one device to another, or more specifically from a PC. Because CLONEit is the quickest and easiest app for transfer data.

The best fact about CLONEit: It will backup and transfer 12 types of mobile data from one device to another with just two easy steps, without any cable, computer or network. With CLONEit for PC, you will transfer these files directly from your mobile phone to your PC or laptop. This is great because your laptop or PC is a perfect location to store and back up your files.CLONEit for PC

Features of CLONEit

12 types of data will be transferred: Including contacts, messages, MMS, call logs, applications and its data, pictures, videos, music, calendar, system settings, Wi-Fi account passwords, browser bookmarks, and many others.

Much Fast: Get the best-transferring speed up to 20M/s, which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

With privacy:  CLONEit is the Real-offline data transfer. No need to worry about data leaks and breaches with it.

Other Useful Features: Like Uninstall preinstalled Apps, space cleaning, and much more.

CLONEit is a Professional data transfer tool, supports 40 plus languages. Also, if your device gets damaged, you never need to worry about losing your information and files. With CLONEit your all data saved with the Military grade servers.CLONEit for PC

Instructions and how to use CLONEit

First of all, make sure to Ensure both devices install the CLONEit app. Then play the app on your device and now Replicate your phone in two steps:

1. Click the “Receiver” button on the new device and “Sender” on the old one.

2. After both of them find and connect to each other. Select types of mobile data or another one for replication on the old phone and click on the “CLONEit” button to share your data.


CLONEit is compatible with all android devices. Just remember one thing while you using the CLONEit app on your device, that both your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Because this way your data is secured and there are no chances that it would leak.

How to Download and Install CLONEit for PC

If you want to download CLONEit on your PC or Laptop, then first you need to use Bluestack emulator on your device. You can download Bluestacks on your PC or Laptop from its official site or use the provided link to download Bluestacks. When you install Bluestack, you will be able to download CLONEit on your device.

Method of downloading and installing Bluestacks

1⇒ To download Bluestacks click on the link and press the download button to start the downloading process.

2⇒ When you click on the “Download” button it downloads .exe file on your device. You will locate the .exe file on your browser page.

3⇒ Now Open the .exe file and press the “Next” button to start extracting files.

4⇒ Once all files are extracted successfully from software, then a new tab will appear on your screen.

5⇒ Here you have to press the “Install” button to begin the Bluestacks installation process on your PC or Laptop.

6⇒ When the installation process starts, just follow your on-screen information and Bluestacks will automatically install it on your device.

Once the Bluestacks installation process completes. Then you are able to use Bluestacks on your PC or Laptop without any problem.CLONEit for PC

How to Install CLONEit on PC with Bluestacks

First Launch Bluestacks emulator on your device.

Second Now Google play store tab appears on Bluestacks’ main screen with a signup page.

ThirdHere your Gmail and password are required to configure Google play store account.

Fourth→ Once the configuration of the Play Store is done go to its search bar write the app name and press the search button.

FifthOn the new tab you get the CLONEit app and some other related apps on the tab, select CLONEit to install from Google Play Store.

Lastly, just hit the “Install Now” button, accept the license agreement, terms, conditions and wait until the whole installation process is complete.

Locate CLONEit and Bluestacks after installation

Now the CLONEit app is installed successfully and you will find it from both BlueStack home page OR on your desktop screen. Furthermore, when Bluestacks downloaded successfully on your device it appears on your PC or Laptop “Desktop” main screen.Download Free CLONEit for PC Windows 10-8-7 and Mac


CLONEit is the best useful app that impresses with its simple user interface. When you install CLONEit on both devices, simply set the receiver and the sender on both devices. Then, select your desired files or data and start the transfer process quickly. It has uncomplicated software so any user will really use CLONEit without any hesitation.

Furthermore, you will find more apps for PC by visiting our site and get more best apps for PC, Windows 10-8-7, and Mac free. Like: WiFi File TransferXSHAREINSHARE, and others. For any queries regarding CLONEit use the below mention comments box.

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