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Download Foscam for PC Windows10-8-7 and MAC Free


Download Foscam for PC. It is the best-trusted application in the world with the leading IP security camera providers. Its 10 years of useful design, manufacturing, and distribution in 80+ countries. Keeps you connected with your home or business anytime and anywhere. So you will always have an eye on your pets, birds, and the other things while you are at the office and outside the home. Further, Keep your eyes on the thieves while you are on vacation, or watch out who is stealing your Amazon packages from your front home door. It all possible with Foscam. It allows you to control remotely so you can view your Foscam IP cameras.
Note: Before downloading this app please make sure. You own these camera models which are designed especially for these models, Agasio A503W, A603W, A622W, M105I, FI8602, FI8620, and all related models. Its Features are Perfect for home security, pet-cam, or workplaces. It will work with all Foscam camera models.

Furthermore, if you are willing to download Foscam for PC and use Foscam on your PC or Laptop. Then it will more useful and you will experience its amazing features on the large screen without any issue. This app lets you manage your Foscam cameras from anywhere in the world. You have a live view on your PC or Laptop, talk through your camera with Foscam, record videos, and so much more like you will store some of your favorite videos or it has a good storage space.

Foscam for PC

Requirements for Foscam camera:

  • First, you need a Foscam IP camera.
  • Foscam installation software for use.
  • Need a useful internet cable.
  • Need a perfect modem router.
  • Socket
  • PC which is able to connect with the same network as the IP camera.
  • If you get the WIFI IP camera, then write down the password of the connection.

Key Features of Foscam

Now Foscam brings you an all-new design, featuring a simple and easy Side-menu, intuitive cloud timeline, stable software, architecture, and much more.

You will add your camera quickly, then see what happens most from anywhere or anytime, also set-up your camera, and receive alerts in realtime when it detects motion, sound, or controls your camera. With its Cloud, you will get alert recordings with its smart and intuitive timeline. it’s all possible with Foscam App.

Moreover, it can shoot high clarity video in the day time and at night with its built-in WiFi HD cam. The light can automatically turn on when anyone approached in the monitored area, and the camera sends you an instant push notification or auto starts to record video with its infrared motion sensor.

The best thing about the Foscam App:

If you upgrade this app or lose your smartphone, it will get you covered and your cloud recordings are safely stored on the military-grade servers for you to view your videos anytime and Foscam for PC

With Foscam you will experience

  • All internet connections are supports and EZLinks only requires to link a mobile phone to connect with WiFi.
  • Always keep an eye on your home and business place in real-time with a live view.
  • You will Easily scan your Cloud footage with 24/7 access with much affordability.
  • View your recorded Cloud footage with easy search and scan operations.
  • You will schedule recordings, configure alerts, pan, tilt, and zoom right from your mobile phone.
  • You can get instant alerts with this application.

Note: Foscam App supports only its HD feature, not MJPEG cameras. Install this all-new application for maximum user experience and its only official Foscam cloud accounts are supported and it will not support any third-party accounts.


How to watch Foscam on PC?

You Just simply open the Foscam download page on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer on Windows. Use your PC which connected to the same network, which you select to connect the IP camera and search your IP camera type in the overview or select the ‘Software’.

How to install the Foscam plugin?

For your, Windows Operating System downloads the “plugin” file once the download is complete. Right-click on the downloaded file and select the option from the menu which appears or run as administrator and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the application.

How to Install a camera?

Play your Foscam application and log-in to the app Cloud account. Click the + button to add a new cam and scan the QR code located in the center of the camera. Now it starts to search the LAN of your cameras which are connected with the same router as your mobile phone and device.

NVR use for?

NVR is a Network video recorder that will help you to record videos for a Disk drive, USB flash drive, SD card memory, and other mass storage devices. because NVR has a specialization in the PC system with a software program.

How to set up an IP Camera?

There are four simple steps to set up an IP camera.

1st Step: At very first connects the IP camera.

2nd Step: Installs the software.

3rd Step: Get access to the IP camera.

4rth Step: And in the last, you need to Configure the camera.Download Foscam for PC

How to Download Foscam for PC with Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an android emulator that helps you in downloading android and iOS apps on your PC very easily and quickly. Without any interruption.

download foscam for pcyou can download Bluestacks from its official website or you will use this above mention link to download Bluestacks.

Further, Just click on this link to download Foscam for PC and press the “Download” button. After that locate the .exe file and install it into your PC by agreeing with some terms and your Bluestacks emulator is open and ready to play.

Now you see Google play store on Bluestacks home page where it asks you to log-in. So you are just simply log-in with your Google account by entering your email or password and it shows some other information that you need to agree or disagree.

Once all set-up complete search the Foscam on Google play store and install it on your PC after installation complete Bluestacks create a shortcut on your desktop or its home page, simply click on the app icon or Foscam is ready to run on your PC.

For more apps visit our site or if you have any queries or concerns regarding this app, then use the below-mentioned comments box.

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