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Download Car Gauge Pro for PC/Mac/Windows10-8-7 Free


Download Car Gauge Pro for PC. It is complete OBD2 Generic package data for all of your OBD2 compliant vehicles, with “Enhanced Diagnostic Data” for your GM, Ford, Toyota, KIA, Nissan, and others. Car Gauge Pro is one of the most powerful and comprehensive scan tool. Moreover, it is specially designed for Ford and Nissan cars which are fully equipped with “Enhanced Data” and active test just like their factory scan tool.

OBD means On-board Diagnostics and OBD2 is the updated version of OBD1 in both capability and standardization. The OBD2 standard diagnostic connector and its pinout specify the electrical signal protocols and message format. It also provides a candidate list of vehicle parameters to track how to encrypt data for each. There is a pin in the connector that provides power to scan tools from the car battery, so you don’t need to connect a scan tool to a power source car gauge pro

More about Car Gauge Pro

It will communicate with the vehicle computers at the 16 Pin OBD2 diagnostic connector. The OBD2 connector location should be found under the steering wheel compartment. It work with Elm 327 or the STN Bluetooth device. Car Gauge Pro not only can be exciting with Dashboards, but it is also a professional scan tool.

You will check your engine light, Readiness status, Smog Inspection, Functionality of the sensors, and determine the status of the Mode 5 or 6 Emission On-board test. Car Gauge Pro will show you everything on your device.

Features of Car gauge pro for PC

  • Car gauge pro is an impressive communication application.
  • It has the complete OBD2 Generic package data.
  • You will get enhanced diagnostic data for your vehicles.
  • A car gauge pro is the best powerful scan tool.
  • It lets you know about your check engine lights.
  • Also, lets you check the functionality of all sensors.
  • Peruses the temperature of the transmission within the app.
  • It’s HUD mode for the night is the best mode for driving.
  • The GPS speedometer and compass progressively.
  • It has CO2 outflow markers and Voice alerts.
  • Vehicle dock upkeep.
  • Turbo help with a vehicle that helps you with MAP and MAF.
  • you can share application screen capture on Facebook, twitter email and others.
  • A simple and easy interface for developers for AIDL API for outsider apps.
  • Further, accessible to send logging data legitimately to the web or email for examination.Car Gauge Pro for PC

OBD2 Functions for All Vehicles

  1. Mode 1 – Data Parameters with 220 PIDS
  2. Freeze Frame Data
  3. Check Current Faults
  4. Clear Faults
  5. O2 Sensor Test Result
  6. Emission Onboard Test Result
  7. Check Pending Faults
  8. Enable Evap Test
  9. Vin, ECU Name, Performance Tracking Data, CALID, and others
    Mode A – Check Stored Faults.

Enhanced Functions of Car Gauge ProA

Ford (1996-2008): Check clear faults, self-test, KOEO, KOER, and Enhanced Data 1175 PIDS, ISO, PWM, and CAN.

Nissan (2001-2007): Check all Clear Faults, Self Test, Ignition Timing Adjustment, Idle Rpm Adjustment, Active Test, and Enhanced Data 634 PIDS, KWP2000, ECM, TCM, ABS, and BCM.

GM (1996-2007): Check all Faults, Active Test, Enhanced Data 189 PIDS and VPW Powertrain.

Toyota (2000-2006): Enhanced Data 150 PIDS, ISO – Powertrain plus Read all Clear Faults, KWP2000, and Airbags.

Kia (1996-TBD): Enhanced Data and ISO Powertrain.

Some models of cars may not support the “Enhanced Functions”.

Note: Some of the Bluetooth devices are not compatible with the Car Gauge Pro. It does not support “Mini Elm 327 v2.1”. If you don’t know how to check, then test your device with this ELM 327 Checker by OBD ScantechCar Gauge Pro for PC

Hardware Requirement:

  • Elm 327 or STN Bluetooth Adapter.
  • Vendors: CHX, OBDII, BAFX and OBDLink MX tested OK.

Install and Use Car Gauge Pro on your PC or Laptop Simply and Easily

To download and install Car Gauge Pro for PC. First, you need an android emulator. We always suggest Bluestacks emulator to download the android app on your PC, Laptop, or Mac. Because it performs well on all PC Windows and Mac devices.

1→ Download Bluestacks First

1⇒ Open Bluestacks official site and there you will get the “Download Bluestacks” button to download the app. Or click here to see more about Bluestacks.

2⇒ Click on the download button and then it downloads .exe file on your PC or laptop browser.

3⇒ Once the downloading process is completed click on the .exe file to start out with the installation process.

4⇒ Now it opens a new tab and starts extracting files on your PC.

5⇒ Once all files are extracted, then click on the “Install” button and the Bluestacks installations will start.

7⇒ Follow the on-screen information and Wait until the installation process is finished.

8⇒ When installations finish Bluestacks icon will appear on your desktop main car gauge pro for pc

Install and Use the Car Gauge Pro app for PC

1⇒ Launch Bluestacks on your device and there Google play store Signup page appears automatically on the tab.

2⇒ Now click on the “Signup” button and enter your Gmail account to configure it.

3⇒ Once you successfully login to Google play. Then finds the “Search” bar on the Google play store.

4⇒ Type Car Gauge Pro on the search bar and hit the search button and get the app and other related apps.

5⇒ Click to open the Car Gauge Pro and there you see a green “Install Now” button on its tab.

6⇒ Further click on the “Install Now” button and accept the license agreement to complete the installation process.

Find and use the installed app after installation

1→ Once the app installation process is complete, then the application icon will appear on the Bluestacks home page.

2→ Also, the app icon appears on your desktop main screen.

Now just click on the Car Gauge Pro icon and start using it on your PC Windows or Laptop conveniently. Or know everything about your car problems or fix them.Car Gauge Pro for PC

For further details and find more apps for PC. Like: Torque Pro or any other. Visit this site and get more amazing apps for your PC, Windows 10-8-7, and Mac. Or use the below mention comments box if you have any queries regarding this app.

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