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Download 360Eyes Pro for PC Windows 10-8-7 and MAC Free


360Eyes Pro for PC is a very smart monitoring camera mobile phone application that delivers your camera video and audio to your phone in real-time through a globally used cloud server. You will watch as long as the mobile phone is connected with the Internet connection, you can easily watch your home or office security anytime, anywhere without any hassle. It works like it says and works pretty well.

Now, these days all organizations want to ensure they have good security cameras to watch everything happens every second. because of increasing security concerns. Managing security cams may be hectic for you. But with a simple, easy, productive and automatic application like 360eyes, you will easily manage and control the operations of your IP cams.

If you want to use 360Eyes on your PC or Mac then you can feel more comfortable because the usage of a mobile phone is increasing passing with time and suppose if you are using 360Eyes on your mobile and you have attent the call or do any other activity on your mobile so during your other activity you are not able to keep an eye on your home and if you are using PC or another device for 360Eyes then you feel more secure and comfortable.

Note: Tip developers of SZHDIPC made 360eyes to manage your security cam videos remotely. 360Eyes is free to use and smoothly captured moment live on your PC. 360Eyes is a perfect tool to spy on your employees and keep an eye on what happened at your company while you are relaxing or do any other things.

How 360Eyes application works

With a 360eyes app, you are sorted securely and privately by connecting the cam to the app and watch live activities from any corner of the world. 360eyes record videos for later views directly from the application, you will able to make it easy to have evidence in case of any conflict. Also, its notification and alert system letting you know about all unusual activities happen with your CCTV. 360Eyes maintains two-way communication and capture screenshots perfectly are very useful to manage your places. Also, 360Eyes smartly manage multiple cameras at the same time to monitor your different activities quickly. Further, you will watch the live videos from any angle you love.360Eyes pro for PC

Key Features of 360eyes app

  • The best feature is, 360Eyes completely free to use.
  • It offers cloud storage for you to save videos securely.
  • Simple User interface that can be easily operated by everyone.
  • Get a clear night vision with this app.
  • Quick Motion Detection is available.
  • Record your videos to watch later in the future.
  • Alert and Notification during obnoxious activities.
  • Take a snapshot of the videos for evidence.
  • 360Eyes provide you a wide range of settings and Preferences to select.

Benefits of 360eyes

  • With 360Eyes pro for PC get easily stream your camera content remotely with wifi connection.
  • 360Eyes pro for PC is very easy to setup.
  • You will easily sync different cameras with the 360Eyes app.360Eyes pro for PC

Method of Download and Use 360Eyes on your PC

  1. At very first you need to download the android emulator on your PC. you can use Bluestacks to download apps on your PC Bluestacks is the best emulator to play android apps on your PC.
  2. You will download Bluestacks from its official website or use this above link To download 360Eyes on your PC without wasting your time, just click on the download Bluestacks button and locate the .exe file on your browser and install it into your PC.
  3. Now open Bluestacks on your PC by double click on the Bluestacks icon and it starts successfully on PC here you see the google play store or it asks you to log-in with your Google account by entering your email or password.
  4. After that search 360Eyes on Google play store and install the app on your PC by press the install now button and 360Eyes app will download on your PC.
  5. It creates the app icon on the Bluestacks home page and also you will find an icon on your desktop. Now open the 360Eyes and its ready to run on your PC without any hassle.

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