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B612 FOR PC, Windows 10 – HOW TO DOWNLOAD


B612 FOR PC is an app that is used for taking perfect selfies similarly for making videos. It has more than 300 million downloads worldwide. It gives your face shiny and glowy effects.B612 FOR PC is very helpful for people who do not have good skin. It gives them the look they want and does not have, unfortunately, B612 is a blessing nowadays likewise other beauty cameras. B612has magical effects with a lot of different features.B612 is a very strong and virus free app. B612 FOR PC has many filters we can use so we can distort our face and turn it into a cute animal and give you a beautiful shiny effect. this app keeps updated from time to time. It will remove bad marks from your face. It is a  Magical Camera with a photo editing app for Android that allows you to make small modifications on different portrait photos.

This Camera allows you to smooth your complexion, in order to make your eyes bigger or colorful, brighten up your face, making your face contour, and at last, make the person appearing more attractive.

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It is a photo editing app for Android users which helps them to take their perfect selfies and u can retouch your skin with the tap of a finger. It gives you an ideal complement to your phones. Some of the important features are the following:

  • It is a photo editing app that changes ourselves in seconds.
  • It can allow you to smooth your complexion and face.
  • This makes your eyes bigger and beautiful.
  • It can contour your skin to give a shadow and slimming effect.
  • It can make the person appearing in the picture more attractive.
  • All of this can be done with the tap of a finger.
  • You can change your photos by adding stars, hearts, emojis, and other stickers.
  • You can change the filter if you don’t like your natural picture by choosing your own filter.
  • It has dozens of filters you can apply before sharing your photo with other social apps.
  • It has more than 50 filters.
  • You can make collages of your pictures.
  • You can choose any filter just by sliding your finger one time.
  • It also has an option of timer also which is easy to use so we can take a selfie from distance.


Everyone wants to look good and awesome in photographs but doesn’t have an attractive personality. Nowadays everyone has an android phone so they can take photos but their look is not good without any filter app so at the time we need a camera with a lot of filters like B612 which make our life easier.


As we know that B612 is an app for android users so it is not easy to download it on PC and windows but it is also not impossible to use it on PC.So if we want to use the app on PC, we have to take help from a third party called android emulators. This app is used to access to android apps. Let us explain how to download this on PC;



First, you have to download the android emulator on PC. Bluestacks App Player is one of the easiest android emulators. You can download it from its official website. There are many other Apps in the online market, you can google it.


When the downloading of bluestack is completed, therefore locate the app furthermore the other screen will open where you can search and for that reason give permission to the app.


Now install the package and start extracting files you want to download and follow the instructions.


First of all, you have to log in to bluestacks from your google account or make another account for using it and after agreeing with the terms and conditions u will download.


Now, most importantly install the B612 app on your PC, therefore, open the Bluestack app and write B612 there on the search bar than as a result it will download.


Go to the bluestack menu and locate the app you can see the icon there. and always remember to use an android emulator to use any android app on PC.

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